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What Things to Consider While Planning a Holiday Party?

Holiday Party Event Planners

Everyone waits for the holidays to come after the busy working routine. The holidays begin after Labor Day, when summer activities end, and the extended holiday season starts. You might want to relax at this point and wait for the holiday madness to begin.

However, if you oversee your company’s party planning team, it is time for you to start planning for the holiday party.  You might not want to plan the event yet, but you should remember that time flies quickly. Therefore, if you ignore the planning for a long time, you will have to perform many tasks in a short period.

Planning a holiday party can be a daunting task whether you are a first-time or seasonal planner. It is the reason why most people like to hire holiday party event planner. Professionals with years of experience and knowledge can make your work easy and complete all the tasks quickly and efficiently.

Following are a few things that you should keep in mind while planning a holiday party.

Understand the Purpose of the Party and Define the Goals

What is the reason behind planning the party for your company, and how will you make it successful? The most important thing in planning a party is understanding the primary purpose of the party. Moreover, it is essential to define the goals of the event. 

By understanding the purposes and defining the event’s goals, you will perform every task more efficiently. For example, if you want to organize an employee-only party, you will facilitate better communication and co-operation among team members. 

Similarly, the aim of the family function will be different as you will focus on appreciating the employees and having fun with your family. Therefore, when you understand the party’s purpose, you will start preparing on the right foot.

Finalize the Date of the Event

The second thing after defining the purpose and identifying the goals, you can start finalizing the details. The first thing you should choose is the date for your event. Make sure that you are asking for suggestions regarding the perfect date from everyone. It will avoid inconvenience, and everyone will come to the event after scheduling it on a particular day.

You can also keep a close eye on the calendar as if you are planning a winter holiday party; there will be three Sundays before Christmas. The holiday season also limits your venue options and can minimize the attendance of your staff. Therefore, if you consider planning the party for your company in an office location and consider a Friday afternoon, you can avoid such issues.

Deciding Venue for Your Event

The third most important thing is selecting a suitable venue for your event. You can also ask the group of people and take their suggestions regarding the venue for the party. If you want to maximize the attendance of your employees, you should find a convenient and near the house of the employees. You can invite the employees’ families as having families over in a comfortable location promotes company loyalty among the employees.

Decide Whether There Will Be Alcohol or Not

If you plan on serving alcohol, you should be aware of the rules of your venue. Most of the avenues have internal rules and regulations that you must follow. If you want to limit alcohol consumption, you should ticket out drinking and should not allow each employee more than two drinks. Allowing alcohol consumption at the party will increase the attendance of employees. Moreover, the interaction among employees will also increase.

Arrange Entertainment Activities

When you arrange a holiday party or any other event for your employee, plan activities that can improve the participation of the employees. Such actions can help the employees to interact with each other and enjoy themselves. It means that adding activities to your party will bring life to your party.

You can also include activities that can benefit your party. For example, if you have arranged a Christmas party, you can bring Santa Claus to the party. Santa Claus will greet the employees and hand them gifts. Moreover, he can also pose for a picture with your kids and family.

Make it a Theme Party

To engage the people more in the party, you can decide on a theme for the event. It will allow all the guests to be involved, and you will host a party where everybody will put effort into dressing up. For example, you can encourage the employee to wear the same color or dress code for the party. You can focus on the decor of the party and purchase things in contrast with the theme of your party. 

Decide About Food and Beverages

You might get confused in selecting the goods and beverages for your event due to numerous options. The best way is to choose the food according to the theme of your party. For example, ordering food and beverages according to the Christmas or Halloween theme party will increase the fun. Moreover, people will enjoy it more if you introduce a fun station with mashed potatoes, macaroni, chess lava, and a hot chocolate fountain.

Give Awards in the Party

By giving awards at the party, you can provide the employees with an appreciation and recognition of the work they perform. Moreover, you can give them certificates for being an employee of the year or best manager. It will allow you to improve the loyalty among employees of the company through fun. It not only works in employee-only functions but also works efficiently in a family function. Such awards will not only increase the loyalty of your employees but will also increase event attendance.

Bottom Line

Above mentioned things are essential to keep in mind while hosting a party. However, planning a party will be of no good if you did not have any attendance. Therefore, a perfect thing you can do is pick a date for your event and circulate it among your employees. 

Moreover, you can release an event tease in which you will mention the theme, fun activities, and rewards you will give at the party. You can also mention the food and beverages that can increase the interest of your employees.

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