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Writer and Writing Style

Writing a dissertation is not simple for any student. Most actually feel immense pressure when facing their final submission deadlines. Moreover, it’s one of the most complex and challenging writing tasks students ever complete. Not only does it require comprehensive research, but writing prowess and style also play a significant role in the grading process. As a result, stress and tension are commonplace among all dissertation writers. In fact, it’s as if both come with the territory. Thus, many students require dissertation help to get through this crazy time. They either lack writing and research skills or are challenged by the approach of their writing style. However, as a dissertation writing service, we want to focus on a particular area affecting your writing ability.

No, it’s not your research skills or your writing prowess. It’s your writing style! That’s right, you read it correctly. We would love to highlight the importance of research and writing skills. But most students already know where they stand with both. And how they contribute to your dissertation. Therefore, we’ve decided to discuss how your writing style approach can affect your results. After all, a dissertation is formal. Therefore, your approach as a writer should reflect the right tone.

Writer and Writing Style – Explained By our Dissertation Writing Service

You, as a writer, and your writing style, go hand in hand. Essentially, you can be fast, methodical, detailed, or you could be a storyteller. On the other hand, perhaps you’re a writer who’s never satisfied with how you write. Well, all of the above contributes to your dissertation writing. That’s why you need to understand what kind of writer you are. And how your writing style plays a part in your dissertation.

You don’t need to simply choose the right words when writing academically. Every writer needs to present their ideas or arguments coherently. It needs to be accessible and well-evidenced. Therefore, the kind of writer you are and your writing style are extremely important. Dissertations require a formal writing approach. So, our dissertation writing service recommends students analyse how they approach the style of academic writing.

Our experts have compiled a list of writer types to help students learn. So, try identifying your approach and take the necessary steps to improve your academic writing style.

Types of Writers – Identified by our Dissertation Writing Service


1.      Tormented Perfectionist

If anything describes this writer, it’s their dissatisfaction with the quality of writing. Everything needs to be perfect when submitting a dissertation, right? A tormented perfectionist is always focused on their presentation and how their writing flows. If anything is certain, it’s their drive for good writing. But with this strive for pure quality comes a ton of stress. Hence the word “tormented.”

How the perfectionist succeeds: This is very easy to understand. The tormented perfectionist requires their writing to be the best. Therefore, they’re always seeking out dissertation help. Every action this writer takes leads to perfect results. And they’re always using our dissertation writing service to keep ahead of the curve.

2.      Flash Sprinter

Speed is this writer’s forte. Not only are you ahead of the rest. They’re also always up to date on any dissertation help they need. In fact, there is no way to stop a sprinter once they get going. They’ve already structured everything after an idea pops into their head. However, all this speed will definitely require an editor. (From a dissertation writing service). Unfortunately, the flash sprinter isn’t always the best in the academic writing style.

How a flash sprinter succeeds: This writer has more than enough time with their speed. They can get a dissertation writing service to edit, check or proofread for any mistakes they make. However, with all that on the go thinking, it’s hard to keep everything formal. Therefore, this writer needs to pay more attention to keep it consistent.

3.      Snobby Expert

Our next writer has a lot of knowledge when it comes to the academic writing style. They know everything about the process and have all the information they could ever need. So, it’s pretty easy to structure, plan and write. But they can also be extremely overconfident! Their language prowess and writing skills set them apart from the rest. However, they just need to be careful of that overconfidence.

How a snobby expert succeeds: Other writers may fail and fall behind. But someone who believes they’re an expert will always do whatever it takes to come out on top. That overconfidence will only help them trust their abilities and write. However, they’re still smart enough to know when they need assistance from a dissertation writing service.

4.      Planning Strategist

This writer loves to create detailed plans. Their writing style often involves outlining, plotting, and scheduling everything. As a result, it’s easy to understand and prepare a formal writing tone in the academic style. After all, planning out a strategy is the best dissertation help. Once the framework is ready, it’s easy to turn the outline into a comprehensive research document.

How the planner succeeds: Well, the answer is simple. By preparing, of course! Every strategist is ready way before time. That’s why Batman is so successful. He’s prepared! But if you’re a planner, you’ve already got your structure in mind. You’ve picked out a dissertation writing service. And you are already on your way to completing your work before the submission is even due.

5.      Lazy Procrastinator

Lastly, we have our final writer. Now, this one isn’t always lazy or trying to miss their deadline. They just end up falling behind with their dissertation. Some might even actually have a good understanding of the academic writing style. But procrastinating just gets in the way. However, submissions are necessary. As a result, this writer is always pushing the boundaries of what is possible within a deadline.

How a procrastinator succeeds: Despite living life on the edge, the procrastinator can still find a way to make things work. They have many options to assist with and improve their academic writing. We understand your struggle, fellow procrastinators! Try our dissertation writing service if you need help. The important thing for any procrastinator is not to give up because that’s all that’s going to get them across the finish line.


That concludes our short writer types list. We hope it was informative! But, in the end, it’s important for all students to understand how they write. Dissertations are never going to be easy. But you can prepare yourself when you know your approach. If you understand what kind of writer you are, it’ll be easier when you actually get started. Therefore, always keep your academic writing style in mind when taking on your dissertation. And if you do need help, you know exactly where to find it. Our dissertation writing service is always here for students. And we hope you can identify how your writing fits with the academic style. Keep working hard!

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