What you need to know about UPDF – The 100% Free PDF Editor

What you need to know about UPDF – The 100% Free PDF Editor


Have you tried to find a good PDF editing software solution but realized that all the available options were difficult to use or super expensive? Well, there’s finally a solution.

UPDF is a beautiful, 100% free PDF editor that allows users to modify PDF documents easily and quickly.

Just as you read! With UPDF, you can edit PDF document’s text and images, organize its pages and more in just minutes. And you don’t have to burn your pockets to do so!

Do you want to know more about its features? Find the details below!


1.     Edit PDF Text and Image for Free

UPDF promises several benefits to users, including tools to add, copy, cut, paste, and delete text. Also, it has an editing feature designed to alter text properties such as color, style, and typeface. You can also change font in PDF document.

This PDF editing software also enables users to add images to PDF from their devices or delete existing images in PDF files in just seconds!

Furthermore, UPDF includes an image and object editing to cut, extract, change or even rotate the files’ visual elements, such as pictures or graphics.


2.     View and Read PDF Documents

UPDF is not only a PDF editor but also a robust PDF reader that people can use to effortlessly view the information in PDF files through a software that enhances the reading experience. It is the best Adobe Reader alternative.

As a PDF reader, UPDF allows users to open multiple PDFs at the same time, search for specific text or words while reading, and adjust pages to fit any device’s screen. Also, it has bookmarks for those readers who enjoy browsing documents like an expert sailor.


3.     Annotate PDF Documents

Besides being a free PDF editor and reader, UPDF is a first-class PDF annotator. Its interface also includes various features to add comments, insert shapes, add sticky notes to PDF, and more.

In other words, you can highlight, underline or strike out texts to add relevance or insert ovals, arrows, lines, and rectangles.

Also, as a pro-personalization software, it enables users to control the properties of these elements and shapes by changing colors, styles, thickness, and opacity.


4.     Organize PDF Pages

UPDF also works as a fast PDF organizer that assists people who want to quickly rearrange pages in PDF, rotate, extract or delete pages in their PDF files.

If there are any unwanted pages, this PDF editing software helps users to select and remove them in the blink of an eye.

Also, it’s the perfect tool to rotate pages or turn them left or right to get consistent and good-looking PDF documents.


Key Pros of UPDF

UPDF was designed to be the best PDF editor, so it offers the following advantages:

  • Is 100% free and easy to use.
  • Is the first desktop PDF editor that enables users to modify text and images in PDF files.
  • Offers solutions for anyone in any scenario, as it stands in users’ position.
  • Promises high performance and speed.
  • Has a beautiful and first-class interface.

Final thoughts

UPDF is available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, meaning you can use this 100% free editor on your preferred device.

Also, it has several upcoming, powerful features expected to further improve the user experience, such as OCR to drag and resize images or objects, forms with tools to create and add signatures, file format converter and privacy and security updates.


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