When do you need a lifeguard Training?

Lifeguard Training

To avoid Damage to reasonably to require the dangerous create states. But the risk the general rule to obligation derives. By the law surveillance the public bath. The greater the danger potential, the more severe the required safety measures are. Therefore, the operator of a public bath must take all the measures necessary for the safety of the clientele, adapted to the circumstances, proportionate, and reasonably required.

Post warnings are must P. ex. if an installation presents dangers that are generally underestimated by customers. It is not possible to say in general what should be the concrete nature of the safety measures to be taken or whether one or more lifeguard training is required. The decision ultimately lies with the operator and depends on various factors: size and characteristics of the bathing facility, users: number and swimming skills, etc.

The Federal Court In Judgment 6P.160 / 1999, The duty of lifeguard is surveillance in mattress.

Public swimming pool

If a person uses a public swimming pool (indoor or outdoor) for consideration, a contract binds the operator to the user. This results in rights and duties for both parties. A Small Pool is available in the hotel, the safety consideration is given to customers.

Small swimming pool in a hotel or campsite

The swimming pool can p. ex. To clear indicate the swimming pool is BPA. The monitored by technical means ( video Surveillance, Drowning detection system) means for proper supervision and legal liability is needed. To the maintenance of the swimming pool, you must know the hygiene rules and important conditions for bathing. And Qualified the personal rule for better results.


Adequate bathing supervision is one of the necessary and reasonably required bathers protection measures. The Possibility Of swimming in a lake and river is free. If you are not know how to swims it must be dangerous for you.

Public bath with small facilities

Access to lakes designed as bathing places requires appropriate security measures. If such an installation contains children’s play equipment, diving boards, rafts, etc., these can present considerable dangers to unsuspecting users. According to the evaluation of the BPA, only monitoring of the bathing makes it possible to deal with it effectively. The following Instruction about lifeguard training is very important because to enter in this instruction to pay the fee.

A bathing place without special facilities

It is therefore not necessary to take special measures to protect people against accidents. Bathing supervision, in particular, is not necessary. The owner of the work is responsible for the subject will remember to access it. The Lake and River is constructive measure and shore. 58 of the Code of Obligations (CO). If you went to install a bathing room. You must know about the competent supervision of lifeguard training. To Particular In events and maintain the whole setup.

Safety Requirements are very important on the beach because if you want to designed or made a bathing place on the beach you must know the rule of the bathing area and spat about swimming.


The operator of a public bath must take all measures necessary for the safety of customers, proportionate and reasonably required. The Safety of customers is very important for us. We discuss the small swimming pool in the hotel and the bathing setup.

The decision ultimately rests with the operator. Such a measure not only reduces the risk of an accident but also the risk of operator liability.

The BPA recommends that operators of public baths:

tell parents that they should always keep an eye on their children and keep the little ones (up to 5 years old) close at hand.

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