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Where We Go After Death

Where do we go after death? This is a question that has been asked for centuries. Today, it’s a question that is being asked more than ever. People are curious about what happens to us when our physical body dies. Are there other dimensions to life? Do we reincarnate? Is there an afterlife? So, Today, Let’s talk about it:

The human body is made up of billions of cells, and each cell has a different function. Some make your hair, others make your heartbeat, and some even help you see. But when we die, these cells die too. And that means that even though our bodies may stay intact after we die, there are certain things that will begin to happen right away.

This body is a piece of Earth that we have gradually gotten. Anything we have gotten in body, we need to drop back iota by particle. With regards to the psyche, the optional insight additionally gets dropped with the course of death. This entire data that is accumulated – the subtler body and the subtler psyche and the data that is alluded to as karma, the product – is as yet unblemished, yet the tact is no more.

Allow us to say today you read that the stocks are down and you lost such a lot of cash. In any case, you have sufficient watchfulness to think, “That’s what OK, it’s okay I’ve lost, yet I actually have this. Allow me to be content today,” and you can include yourself in something and be blissful.

On the off chance that you lose this watchfulness, that is the point at which you go into an enthusiastically discouraged state. Presently you will go by your inclinations, anything sort of value you have accumulated. So when you lose your body, you likewise lose your optional astuteness; after that, you work just by your propensities, however, they push you, contingent on the kind of programming you have.

Since there is no more carefulness or insight, in the event that you put one drop of loveliness into the psyche of one who has left the body, this enjoyableness will duplicate a millionfold. Assuming that you put one drop of obnoxiousness, that disagreeableness will increase a millionfold. It is similar to youngsters – they go out to play until they are depleted and can’t continue any longer since they don’t have important wisdom concerning when the time has come to stop.

After death, wisdom is totally missing, significantly more than in a youngster. Then, at that point, anything that quality you put into the psyche will duplicate a millionfold. This is the thing is being alluded to as paradise and damnation. In the event that you go into a charming reality, it is called paradise. Assuming you go into an unsavory reality, it is called damnation. These are not topographical areas but rather experiential real factors that a day-to-day existence that has become incorporeal is going through.

Hope after reading this article you will get to know about that Where We Go After Death

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