Scientists have proven that reading for 6 minutes reduces stress levels by more than 2 times. Listening to calm music and walking are only in second and third place in stress relief. Researchers from the UK claim that reading is as beneficial for the body as fitness is for muscles because during this process a person exercises the whole brain.

In gray matter, completely different processes take place if you read for pleasure and if you are trying to learn information, for example, to pass an exam. Scientists conducted research and found that at the moment of transition from ordinary reading to the desire to memorize the text in detail, active blood circulation begins in the head and the type of nervous activity completely changes. Blood reaches those parts of the brain that are responsible for cognition and concentration. Any kind of neurological stress is good for the brain, it activates blood circulation, improves tissue nutrition.


The usefulness of the book for children is beyond doubt. Children love how parents read for them. It is from the parents that the baby hears the first poems and fairy tales, and if parents do not ignore reading even to the smallest, then with a very high probability the book will soon become the child’s best friend.


Starting to read at your young age will be better for the rest of your reading life. So many parents start to read for their kids when they don’t even talk. This kind of listening will help the brain of your kid develop in a good way. Also, a common way to work on your children’s vocabulary is bilingual books.

If we take the early stage of a child’s development, then reading develops working memory and voluntary attention, and at the second stage, when the child is already reading himself, this is an internal representation, a cause-and-effect analysis. Children can understand what preceded what, build alternative scenarios. When a child is just starting to read, then at the neural level, this ability begins to load, crawl into the prefrontal areas of the brain on the left side.


1. So why is reading good for kids?


1. Expands the child’s understanding of the world

2. Introduces everything that surrounds the child: nature, objects, etc.

3. Influences the formation of preferences and reading tastes of the child

4. Develops thinking – both logical and figurative

5. Expands vocabulary, memory, imagination, and fantasy

6. Teaches you how to make sentences correctly.

Kids Book

2. The book is the key to the development of a child.

The benefits of reading books for children are very great. Early childhood and the preschool period are the time that must not be missed in order to instill in the child the most valuable qualities, because it is at this time that the child’s inner world is formed. And here a book acts as a good helper, which helps to form the child’s worldview, his morality, values, and the general level of culture.

From the first books, the little ones learn about the rules of courtesy and the basics of health, as well as about the simplest rules of life. Children are often read short folklore works, unpretentious poems, in which folk wisdom is presented in forms accessible to crumbs.

3. Joint reading


Psychologists believe that children to whom parents read books are emotionally balanced and self-confident. For instance, nowadays, there are so many interesting bilingual children’s books, which will be the perfect way to start reading with your kid. That will be something two in one. Kids will learn reading and a foreign language at the same time. And the choice of the right literature plays an important role here. Bilingual books will be a perfect start for your kids to learn language and improve reading at the same time.


The best path to change is through shared joy, pleasure, and a sense of success. Start a family reading marathon. Read at night, in the morning and in the afternoon, at home in a hut made of blankets, in a tent in nature or on benches in the park. Read one by one or by role, loudly-loudly and quietly-quietly.

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