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Why do Flowers Make us Happy

Flowers have a true power of making people happy. Flowers are not just a simple gift. They make you feel appreciated, loved, and thought of. With their delicate beauty flowers have the power of making the world around us more beautiful, sensuous, and brighter.

1. Positive power

Flowers not only attract our eyeballs, but they are also able to affect us emotionally.  In fact, many researches have been conducted on flowers and their possible impact on people and their emotional state. According to the study flowers can generate different emotions on the recipients from surprise to admiration and gratitude. The emotions also vary from flower to flower, like in case of roses as romance flowers they show love and admiration. Thus, flowers awaken so much positive emotions and make the world around us more wonderful.

2. Social importance

Flowers have different impact on different age groups. For instance, in younger girls they evoke surprise and happiness, whereas elderly women when receiving flowers feel appreciated, less isolated. Some specialists even say, that flowers are able to improve memory in elderly people. So, in other words, flowers carry some social context and importance and they are a unique way of communication.

There is a very scientific explanation to why exactly flowers make us happy. Flowers can make us happy by triggering our happy brain chemicals – dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin.

Dopamine is associated with something new, something special.

Serotonin is associated with the feeling of happiness, well-being and contentment.

Oxytocin is generally associated with empathy, trust and strong relationship.

Flowers also have that wonderful ability of reducing stress and anxiety.


3. Splendor and nature

Whether you are at your workplace or at home, when you receive fresh flowers, put them somewhere visible. At workplace, you can make the atmosphere of the office brighter and lighter. You will manage to heighten not only your spirits, but also make happy everyone else. Flowers have the ability to make the place cozier and more jovial. Besides, in the offices where there are plants and flowers the motivation in workers and the work efficiency level is higher.

Flowers create and add splendor and nature everywhere they appear.

At home, always put the flowers where they will be visible both for you and other family members, as well as your guests and visitors. Note, homes with flowers on display have always the feel of warmth. Flowers brighten the area they are placed in. They are a real gift from the nature for everyone who looks at them.

Make your own space more close to the nature by adding flowers or plants.

red heart roses box

4. Nice feeling of social trust

While it is evident that the recipients of flowers feel really happy and appreciated, those who give flowers also experience happiness. When you are doing something good for others, you feel content and confident. By sending flowers to your dear ones, friends, and acquaintances you create a nice feeling of social trust.

People who like to send flowers are emotional and caring. Through flowers, they show their emotions – love, appreciation, and respect. They are also seen as trustworthy and thoughtful. It is always wonderful to make a pause in the giddy working routine and choose a beautiful flower bouquet for your beloved one and send it through the local delivery, such as flower delivery Dallas TX or other.

5. Bright colors

Choosing a flower bouquet is not an easy task. You can choose them according to the season, choose the month flowers of your beloved one. Anyway, if you just want to gift positive emotions, you can choose bright flowers. They will never fail to brighten the mood of those you care about so much.


So, flowers carry so much meaning and so many emotions in them. By giving someone flowers, you gift them a whole bunch of positivity and affection.

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