Why Do Kratom Users Sweat Heavily? How to Avoid It?

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Many kratom users report sweating excessively. This is one of the side effects of using kratom. Again, it may not happen to everybody, but yes, it is a common effect. 


When you buy kratom in Virginia you must be aware of the herb’s various side effects, along with its benefits. Kratom education helps you take the herb in a responsible manner and adjust the dose accordingly. 


Before we know why people sweat after taking kratom, we must know why we sweat at all. 


Why do we sweat normally? 

Sweating is the body’s natural way to regulate its temperature. When you sweat a lot, it means your body is struggling to regulate its temperature to avoid hyperthermia, which can be deadly. 


Why does kratom induce sweating?

Many medications and even opioid drugs induce heavy sweating. According to research, all opioids block the response of the body to nor-adrenaline for regulating pain. This leads to heavy sweating. 


Nor-adrenaline is a neurotransmitter that prepares the body for the “flight or fight” response. It raises blood pressure and triggers a chain reaction that induces the body to spring into action. It makes you nervous, excited, anxious and even frightened. 


Opioids (and kratom) block the activity of nor-adrenaline. That’s why you feel relaxed, stress-free, calm, and relieved of pain after taking kratom for recovery categories. 


However, this very activity of blocking the neurotransmitter creates sweating as a side effect. 


Excessive sweating – a sign of kratom overdose 

Kratom, when taken in small doses, does not cause heavy sweating. Experts have observed that heavy sweating occurs when people overdose on kratom. 


It is also found that people who use kratom continuously for a long time experience excessive sweating. That’s why experts suggest taking breaks in between. 


Avid users, who have been taking kratom for quite some time, report sweating more than before. 


If this is the case with you, go kratom free for days. And then return to using products like Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules and others. 


How to avoid excessive sweating? 

One of the best ways to avoid excessive sweating when on kratom is to never let your body become dependent on it. 


And this you can do by taking kratom breaks, as mentioned earlier. 


This helps to avoid developing tolerance. The benefit is you will stick to the original dose. Once you develop tolerance, you must increase the dose to get the same effects. 


An increase in the dose can lead to heavy sweating. 


Another way is to rotate strains. This also helps to avoid developing tolerance. Search for “kratom near me” to find a licensed vendor who sells different strains of this herb. 


It also keeps up the thrill of using this herb. 



Side effects like sweating and others happen only when you misuse kratom. The herb is nature’s gift to mankind to fight common issues like fatigue, body pains, mood swings, insomnia, and other everyday malaise. Please respect this gift. 


Use kratom responsibly. Whether you are using kratom softgels or any other form, use it within the recommended dose. More important, use it at a dose that suits you. 

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