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Why Foldable Ramp Is Gaining Popularity?


Wheelchair ramps improve accessibility for individuals with impairments. When a structure lacks an inherent ramp, a temporary wheelchair ramp can ensure that anybody who visits has access to that structure. National Ramp aims to assist people in achieving freedom and independence by offering high-quality ramps for permanent or temporary installation.


We have an aluminum folding ramp to assist persons in gaining access to sites that do not have this feature. Our aluminum foldable metal ramp is part of the well-known Freedom series.


The Advantages of Folding Wheelchair Ramps

Portable wheelchair ramps become an important addition when events and institutions are inaccessible to those who require mobility assistance. 


The following are some advantages of owning a portable wheelchair ramp:


Cars with easy access and exit: 

Many vehicles allow wheelchair users to remain in their wheelchairs while driving or as passengers. A portable wheelchair ramp makes getting in and out of a car easier and gives the user greater independence because they won’t require help from family or friends.


Navigate doorways: 

Some entryways in homes or business buildings have high thresholds, making it challenging to utilise a mobility device. You may cover the threshold with a temporary wheelchair ramp, allowing your wheelchair to glide effortlessly over the ramp and onto the ground.


Access to the outdoors: 

When using a wheelchair, entering and departing residences with stairs might be difficult. Fortunately a portable ramp is used on steps. When you need to leave the house, you may build a temporary ramp over the stairs and roll down to the driveway or sidewalk. The ramp increases access to the outdoors, allowing mobility assistance users to enjoy nature more easily.


More independence: 

When utilising a portable ramp, wheelchair users have more freedom. They may utilize it to access areas without the need for help. A portable ramp can help someone conduct errands such as checking the mail or going food shopping.


Features of a Folding Wheelchair Ramp

Temporary wheelchair ramps are frequently available in a variety of sizes to serve a variety of demands. Our aluminium folding ramp comes in lengths ranging from 2 to 6 feet. It contains various characteristics that make it perfect for mobility assistance users:


  • The Freedom aluminium folding ramp includes a continuous rubber hinge that prevents fingers from becoming entangled when folding and unfolding the ramp.


  • Simple storage: This ramp design folds to less than 3 inches thick for convenient storage.


  • Nonslip: The aluminium for the Freedom ramp has a textured, non slip surface to assist you go up and down its length securely.


  • Portable ramps are lightweight and portable, making them easier to transport.


  • These portable wheelchair ramps are built with sturdy material ensuring the safety of the user. According to the use and type of the wheelchair ramp, the material is used, usually, they are built with aluminium that keeps the wheelchair ramp yet sturdy.


  • Another thing, portable or movable wheelchair ramps are not very complex to install or remove. One can follow the instructions in the help book easily. Since the ramps are foldable their maintenance is not a difficult thing. One needs to check many factors before installing a portable wheelchair ramp. Before installing one, the inclined height between two spaces should be checked and calculated and only then further steps should be followed.


  • Portable wheelchair ramps are not only limited for use at your own house, for convenience at other places they are designed in a manner that they can be transported.


  • These ramps are of great use for disabled people, they will not require anybody to assist them in moving from one place to another, this will help them in feeling self-dependent and maintaining their dignity as well.


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