Why is Portugal the most attractive option for a second passport?

A Mediterranean climate all year long. Beaches with waves of intense blue. Fresh seafood gourmet that is irresistible.

These are some additional benefits of residing in Portugal. The country’s sunny coastline draws tourists from around the world, as well as knowledgeable investors and successful businesspeople.

In 2012, Portugal launched the first Golden Visa Program in Europe in an effort to entice overseas investors and property buyers.

The investor visa program has brought in more than €3.7 billion since its inception, therefore the residence by investment program was undoubtedly a success.

Anyone from a third country, as well as those who are neither Portuguese or citizens of the EU/EFTA, are eligible to become residents of Portugal under the residency by investment program by making a qualifying investment there. Discover more about the available investing opportunities here.

Portugal has one of the most active real estate markets in Europe as a result of this policy. Portuguese real estate continues to be extremely affordable despite the country’s booming real estate industry.

By holding an investment in Portugal, you are entitled to enjoy these benefits:

Inexpensive cost of living


The expense of living is surprising when compared to other western European nations. It is the most economical option, and many business owners, digital nomads, and investors are considering it. Your lifestyle will determine how much money you spend.

Lifestyle quality

Whether traveling alone or with your family, one of the most crucial factors to take into account before migrating to another nation is its safety. The Global Peace Index places Portugal as the third-safest nation in the world in 2020. Due to their tranquil demeanor, you will discover that locals frequently assist with questions without reservation.

Favorable citizens, immigration, and taxes

A variety of tax perks were established by the tax plan for both EU and non-EU residents, making it simple, hassle-free, and profitable to get residency through investment. To boost the Portuguese economy, it is intended to promote direct foreign investment.

For those seeking to invest in real estate, Portugal provides a number of alluring benefits, including advantageous tax laws like the Non-Habitual Residence (NHR).

This is yet another buyer-incentive program created for foreign professionals and investors to earn legitimate revenue legally from abroad without paying taxes in Portugal.

Self-employment income from a foreign source, capital gains, investment income, rental income, royalties, and occupational pensions are examples of income that are not subject to taxation under the NHR.

The Portugal Golden Visa program is the quickest route to obtaining EU citizenship. After holding your investment for five years, you can choose to keep your resident card or apply for citizenship.

The latter will grant you access to a powerful passport that is ranked third in the world for power in 2020, providing you with the freedom and mobility to live and work as a local citizen in all 26 EU nations.



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