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5 Benefits Of Seal Coating On Asphalt Surfaces

Sealcoating refers to an application of protection on asphalt surfaces like parking lots, driveways, and roads, that in turn help in prolonging their lives, durability, and appearance.

This preventive maintenance tactic offers several advantages to both apartment owners and business owners alike.

1. Protects Against Weathering and Oxidation:

Sealcoating, done on the surface of asphalt, plays a vital role in protection by creating a barrier that blocks the penetration of UV rays, water, and oxygen. With time, a process of sunlight and moisture exposure can lead to asphalt deterioration in the form of fading, cracking, and tearing.

Sealcoating reduces the effects of oxidation and weathering by sealing the surfaces off and inhibiting water infiltration, thereby prolonging the service life of asphalt pavement.

2. Prevents Cracking and Deterioration:

Sealing the cracks and potholes is considered a maintenance process that fills in the surface imperfections and prevents moisture from penetrating the lower layers of the pavement.

The sealing of hairline cracks and fine surface imperfections by seal coating strengthens the framework of the asphalt and decreases the possibility of future costly fixing or abolition.

3. Enhances Appearance and Curb Appeal:

The process of seal coating asphalt surfaces not only revamps them to look fresh and uniform but also improves their curb appeal and general appearance. Sealcoat gives the asphalt a deep dark hue that gives a smooth and level surface which makes the road look clean and maintained.

This type of pavement preservation ranges from residential driveways to commercial parking lots, and seal coating contributes to the visual beauty of a property and impresses visitors and customers with its appearance.

4. Improves Safety and Visibility:

Sealcoating is very helpful for safety and visibility as it assists in making a smoother and more uniform surface that ensures the quality of gripping and the elimination of slip and fall accidents.

The sealed surfaces are easier to clean and this helps to reduce the accumulation of debris, oil, grime, and other particles which can be harmful to pedestrians and motorists.

Along with this, the dark color of the sealcoated asphalt improves security at night and in bad weather conditions improving not only the driver but also the pedestrian’s security.

5. Cost-Effective Maintenance Solution:

Sealcoating is a low-cost preventive measure, that increases asphalt pavement longevity and lowers total maintenance expenditure in the future.

Sealcoating not only gives protection to the asphalt but also reduces the need for more intensive repairs and replacements, therefore, helping property owners save money over the long term and preserve their investment in their asphalt surfaces.

Sealcoating is a pretty cheap solution for pavement maintenance as it has a low cost compared to other pavement maintenance options and it would be appealing to the property owners willing to extend their pavement life without so much money being spent.


Seal coating offers asphalt surface protection and preservation with above stated benefits, including protection against weathering and oxidation, prevention of cracking and deterioration, enhancement of the appearance and curb appeal, improvement of safety and visibility, and cost savings.

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