3 Innovative Ways to Track Employee Billable Hours

Nowadays, it is not wrong to say that businesses are focusing more on faster work done in a short time. Why is that? During the Covid era, most employees had shifted to work from home or hybrid working situations. It was difficult to look at the kind of work they were doing and the hours that were required to complete it. In this situation, many project managers took the help of different methods to ‘track’ the billable hours of their employees. Needless to say, there was an increase in the quality of work that was produced, and the deadlines were never left incomplete again!

If you are a project manager looking for ways to track your team member’s time, to increase the quality output of work, this article will help you in all ways. I have compiled a list of ways in which employee hours can get tracked successfully. You won’t have to beat yourself up about managing project deadlines ever again!

Want to know what these ways are? Read on below!

What are the Ways to Track Employee Hours?

If you are a project manager, get ready to experience the great benefits of employing different employee hours tracker. All of these tracking methods have been tried and tested to give 100% better quality results. You will notice a huge change in your business after the billable hours start getting tracked. Without wasting time, let me jump right into these various tracking methods.

Old School Method

What do I mean by the old-school tracking method? Well, pen and paper of, course! Sometimes, you have to work from remote locations with weak internet facilities or terrible access to other technologies. Maybe you are on leave or a vacation. In situations like these, this method will help you immensely. Trust the Pen and Paper method, to take care of deadlines, start and end times of projects, etc.

Make your employees jot down details of everything that they work on. It could range from the minute that they started working, to the time that they completed each project. Just ask them to write the timings down. Once you get back from holiday, you can track their work and the project completion with their notes.

Yes, we agree it is not such a full-proof method as an AI-based time tracker for employees will discuss this method later), but it can be used in case of emergencies. Albeit it does not guarantee complete transparency, something is better than nothing right?

Desktop Time Trackers

This is one of the full proof ways to track time and also record the work of your employees. Fancy isn’t it? My suggestion for all you project managers is to go for employee monitoring software – ALWAYS! Such project management softwares will make sure that no minute of the billable hours get missed. Also, the features of these softwares include recording and keeping the completed projects as proof. You can easily check what your employees are doing, which project is taking the maximum time, remove miscommunication between team members, conduct team meetings easily, and so much more! If you are looking for one, consider KnowYourDay. There are many other options available in the market too.

Project managers who have used such softwares previously have reviewed them as the best method to track time. If you are a project manager looking for ways to keep better control of your employees during work hours and set deadlines easily, this employee time tracking software is your perfect partner!


While choosing the best employee time tracking app, make sure that it suits your business needs. Ask the company, that you are buying this software from to give you free quotes and demos. This will help you understand how the software works and whether or not it will suit your business.

GPS Tracking

This method is used by those project managers who only want to focus on their movement during billable hours. Sounds a bit shady but I promise you, this is not the case. This method is very useful for those project managers who are suffering from remote workers taking abrupt breaks. It is not uncommon for remote workers to give excuses and go out of their house for fun activities.

By making your employees install GPS trackers in their mobiles or desktops, you can easily follow up their movement, in case of any doubt.

But it is not as fruitful as the time tracker for employees. Not to mention, GPS tracking hinders your employee’s privacy too. They might not be happy about installing movement trackers inside their mobile or desktop systems.

If you take my advice, employing efficient time tracking software is the way to track time and also monitor projects accurately. No to mention it is 100% hindrance-free. You won’t hear your employees complaining about this method, for sure!


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