3 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Turkey

I can’t list things that are super surreal to see in Turkey, that make everyone fall in love with this astonishing place. This is one of the most dominant regions around the globe. Since, being part of two different continents, this unique characteristic feature made this country matchless among all. The availability of historic reminders, super aesthetic mosques, and minimum possible price ranges to attempt adventures, demanding cuisines, etc., altogether these exceptional traits made this country top most visited in all around Europe and Asia. Having a stay in this Muslim country, you will find Halal food everywhere which is extraordinarily yummier as well as tastier, make you forget the food of your country. Yet, the most popular cuisines of the country are mainly baklava, Sis Kebap, Doner, Kofte, Pide, Kumpir, Meze, etc. In addition to that, the lovely seashores, beautiful coastlines, and Mediterranean temperature is something people travel Turkey to experience. However, the most preferable months are from May to Oct, in these mid-year days, folks from all around the globe have stay in this farfetched land area.

Well-famous for its past reflections, Turkey contains countless history monuments in the form of Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Galata Tower, Taksim Square, etc. There is no other country on this planet that could beat the historical expressions of this incredible land area. Yeah, no one can even beat the coming tourist crowd within the country since this is the only distinctive typical & exceptional place on the globe. Anyhow, let’s come with me for further explorations.

1- Hagia Sophia 

Yeah, if I would say that this is the best-ever known architectural monument in Turkey, then I wouldn’t be taken wrong for sure. Since, being in the same place for 1500 years, this is the true gem in this current era. Not being used for a single purpose when it came into operational, yeah in the Roman era, it was the center of Christianity, and controversy, in the Ottoman era, it was the most focused Islamic religious building ever. Yeah from decades before and until now, it’s the first-ever tourist attraction place in Turkey, and people from all over the globe, just come to the dual continent region to explore Hagia Sophia’s fascinations particularly. The interior design is beyond the description, yeah you can only explore its true incredibility by exploring this gem place. One of the must-to-explore regions in Turkey ever in your life, if I would recommend it, then what are you waiting for? Just have a direct to Turkey with Jazeera Promo Code.

2- Galata Tower 

One of the most iconic monuments in Turkey is another primary true fascination of the country. Yeah! Being present near the junction of Bosporus and Golden Horn, this tower is far beyond the stone walls. You can have a bird look at the city of Istanbul standing at the top of this astounding towering building. Yeah although it has been repaired several times since it’s one of the oldest reflections of this incredible city. Indeed, I would truly recommend you to try this incredible skyline view as it will leave you having the best ever unique experience.

3- Blue Mosque 

Blue Mosque is basically the nickname of Sultan Ahmed Mosque which was built in the Ottoman era and is thus considered one of the true fascinations of Turkey. This is one of the must-visiting best architectural designs in Istanbul yet made with Iznik blue tiles, so thus its name is called! Yeah, you must have explored this place at least once in your lifetime. Certainly, you can have a straightforward visit to this iconic part of the Istanbul with Jazeera Airways Discount Code.

Undoubtedly, Turkey is the best travel destination for decades ago, yet containing infinite historical reflections, which is the main purpose of its popularity. Moreover, the appetizing food also attracts people from all over the sphere!

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