4 Things to Consider for Choosing the Right Nail Drill

Have you been feeling inspired by your K-pop idols and their perfect nails? So if you want gorgeous nails that make you look like you are straight out of a teen drama, you need the right tool. 

The electric nail drill is your best friend when filing down the fingernails and toenails. And even if you do not wish to cut them off completely, you need to maintain their aesthetics with this device. Meanwhile, their popularity has even increased due to the rise in the demand for artificial nails, nail arts, and the overall growth of the nail market.

So here’s how you choose the proper drill for your nails:

1. Power 

One of the best things about an electric nail drill is its multipurpose use. You can do various things other than filing your natural and artificial nails, such as cleaning under the free edge. You can even shape your natural nails and easily get rid of the cuticles.

However, the nail drill needs sufficient power to perform all these tasks, and the power of an electric device such as this is measured in volts. So ideally, a nail file or e-file with 15-20 volts of power capacity should do the job. 

Please note: If you have artificial acrylic nails, you will need more power, up to 30 volts.  

2. Rotational Speed

The rotational speed of the electric nail drill will depend on how you plan to use it. And although you may not need to use it at its full speed, it is wise to understand its use. For instance, a device with a rotation speed of up to 15000 rpm is good enough for drilling and filing your natural nails.

However, acrylic nails will need more power and speed. So, choosing a nail drill with a speed of at least 25000 rpm is a better idea in that case. As such, you should select a nail drill with more speed and adjust it later for your natural nails and the acrylic ones. 

3. Drill Bit Heads 

The ideal drill bit you need is the five-in-one bit that helps clean, shorten, prepare, shape, and smoothen the nails. You can even clean under the nails and the cuticles with such bits. Moreover, the tapered edge makes the device safer to operate, so you do not cut yourself. 

The standard diameter for most electric drills is 2.35mm or 3/32-inch. So, you should keep this in mind when choosing the drill bits. It will also help you choose the right drill that is compatible with this bit size. 

4. Low Vibration and Low Heat

When choosing a nail drill, you would also need to consider the vibration, heat, and noise factors. And if the drill vibrates too much during the nail job, it will create a lot of heat and produce a lot of noise. Eventually, this can damage the nail drill and shorten its lifespan. 

Also, if you run a salon, you would end up disturbing the other customers. You can even damage your own hand from using the device in a high-vibration setting for too long. This is known as hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), where your wrists, joints, and even blood vessels can suffer lasting damage. 

Now that you know the different factors to consider when choosing a nail drill, you can very well select the right one. This handy device is helpful whether you are a professional or simply want to increase the aesthetics of your own nails. So just choose a device that is compatible with most drill bits. Also, ensure that it does not produce too much heat or vibration and has sufficient power to do the job. 

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