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4 Unique Beach-theme Reception Halls Decor Ideas for a Summer Wedding

Are you a beach lover? Have you ever thought of having a reception party the beachy way? To all beach lovers, this is your ultimate read! Beach reception parties are a thing of the summer. Since summer is a few doors away and planning a reception party takes a lot of time, I thought of coming up with elements that could help you plan a wonderful and memorable beach reception.

From seasonal flowers, to fresh and light food items, my stunning summer beach reception party ideas will help you pull off the warm-cool weather party easily.

When it comes to planning a beach reception party in the summers, you need to cover the basics first. Keep in mind that you and your guests have to be comfortable in the warm weather. High temperatures and UV rays hold the capacity to bring a lively wedding reception party down. But if you are prepared from before, nothing can bring the celebration down. Arranging cooling cocktails, chilled food items, cooling devices, etc. are the way to go. All you have to do is get hold of trusted reception halls in Houston Tx area that are equipped to organize beach wedding receptions successfully. When you have the help of experts nothing can go amiss.

Once you have covered the basics, it’s time to move to the party decoration. There are a lot of wonderful ideas like creating artificial pools, keeping mini floats, and other beach equipment as a part of your decor that can definitely make you a beach bride! You can even ask your guests to wear beach-themed dresses too. Ever since famous Hollywood celebrities have started to organize cool and chic wedding receptions, people have been more into making their receptions stand out too. The beach reception style is for all those who love to keep the traditions aside and have the fun of a lifetime!

Want to know about cool beach wedding reception ideas? Read on below!

Have Beach Bags in Your Decor

When you book the services of any of the reception halls in Houston, make sure to ask them to keep beach bags for your summer wedding reception. There are many trending beach bags available that can get easily incorporated into your beach-themed reception. Most of the popular reception halls have their event planner who can organize your reception in the best way possible. Also, they are willing to take care of all your requirements and make it a party to remember!

Alfresco Dining

Summers usually mean soaking in all the goodness of Vitamin D! Ask your reception halls for rent to arrange for an outdoor lunch after the ceremony gets over. Usually, in beach-themed receptions, couples love to have their celebratory lunches with their close friends and family outside, so that their party remains wild and outdoorsy. Your event planners will find a way to make sure none of your guests are uncomfortable and the theme remains intact while dining.

Beachy Catering!

The one thing that separates all theme-based reception parties from normal reception parties is the food. When you are going for a beach-themed reception, request your event planners to incorporate soft drinks, ice tea, beach snacks, etc. By keeping this sort of snacking item, your guests can feel the realness of the beach theme. Not only that in the main course, but my recommendation would also be to include seafood too! When you search for wedding reception halls near me, look for the ones that have a variety in cuisine like South American, Italian, Mexican, Asian, etc. The more variety the more are your chances to customize your beach reception menu.

Custom Beach Towels

It’s traditional for the bride and groom to organize flowers for their guests or even hand over their favorite flowers after or before the ceremony. But since you want to be a beach bride, it’s time to tweak this ceremony up! Instead of flowers, use custom beach towels. Many small businesses make these beautiful towels according to your preference and guest list. If you have booked a reception hall free looking for small reception halls near me, you can easily spend the extra money on designing the entire towel. This will create a feeling of oneness among all your guests. Not to mention they will be thrilled about your beach party too!

To have a successful beach party, you must take help from a professional reception hall. Search for the ones that have the best reviews in organizing theme parties. Talk out your entire plan with the event planners present. Rest assured, your wedding will be etched in the memory of you and your guests forever.

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