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5 Amazing Christmas Eve Traditions to Do with Family and Friends

The best day of the holiday season is Christmas Eve when you can have fun activities for the day and decorate the tree together. Children are most excited about the presents and look forward to baking cookies together with their loved ones.

Even though families keep doing the same Christmas tradition every year to make wonderful memories, you can start fresh and new activities this year.

Here are amazing ideas that are fun for adults and children alike to make lasting memories on Christmas Eve.

Play Board Games

Nothing is more fun than playing the old board games that you used to have in your childhood. If you have a big gathering for the day, choose games with the biggest number of players.

You can choose puzzles and simple board games to relax later in the evening. If you are more energetic, you can play games like hide and seek to double the fun.

Festive Baking

Encourage your kids to take part in baking cookies by making the dough and getting creative with the decorations. The whole process is a great afternoon activity to bond with your kids.

After you have done baking, you can go for a lighter and more fun activity like creating a gingerbread house. You can keep the kids busy with this and set up a competition among them to see who builds the best one.

Look for an online kit and see here for christmas gingerbread house that comes with environmentally-friendly packaging.

Hang Tree Ornaments

Without this tradition, your Christmas Eve wouldn’t be complete. Each family member can buy and put up an ornament themselves to show what Christmas means to them.

You can encourage your kids to make DIY crafts to hang on the tree. They can get involved in the process to give them a sense of achievement when something they made is hanging on the tree.

Play Secret Santa

You can play secret Santa with your friends and family to get more excited for Christmas. It is a game where you randomly pick up a name from a box among your family members. You don’t tell others what name you got and secretly buy a present for them.

When the gifts are all placed near the Christmas tree, everyone opens their gifts and guesses who is the one that bought them. Playing secret Santa on Christmas Eve brings the whole family together and adds an element of mystery.

Watch Movies

After you had a hectic day preparing for Christmas, you can relax with your loved ones later in the evening for a movie marathon. Watch your favorite genre whether it be a classic or thriller and make memories with your family. Focus on spending a relaxing time enjoying the festive season.

Prepare your favorite popcorn and enjoy movie time with your kids. To make it more fun, get savory and sweet treats to go along with the movie. Munch on the cookies that have been prepared earlier during the day.

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