5 Billionaire Romance Books to add to your Summer reading

Billionaire romance tropes are always a blockbuster!

A savvy, brooding, intelligent, alpha male taking charge, economic security, adventures that do not require money; pure escapism at its finest. Who wouldn’t want to escape into this world?

Billionaire romance books tend to weave the three most important elements that are bound to make any woman swoon; money, sex, and love.

There should be enough offerings in this long list to keep you busy for quite some time, from the rather tame on the resplendent scale to some of the hottest erotic love books, from funny to heartbreaking, from kind heroes to complete jerks waiting to be fixed, we have included a bit of everything.

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With the internet set, let’s get started with our steamy .

1.    Terms and Conditions by Lauren Asher

A male lead with an agonizing past? Tempting, no?

Declan’s traumatic past that shaped his current personality is so beautifully told by the author. His eccentricity and charming habit of collecting unfamiliar words, as well as his dizzying scenes in which he uses these words to express his feelings, are simply amazing!

In the previous book The Fine Print, when Declan showed up from the beginning, it was clear from the start that Declan’s only goal in life was to become the CEO of Kane Enterprises, and that plan is carried on into this book.

Declan, a surly man, didn’t make things easy, especially when Iris struggled to find a bride for Declan as part of a plan to get his share of the inheritance his grandfather had left him. Surprised, things didn’t go as Iris had hoped, and suddenly, Iris found herself agreeing to marry Declan. Intriguing, right?

Everything Lauren Asher does is pure gold. The plot, characters, dialogues, funny moments, romance, and emotional appeal she brings to her stories are always a pleasure to read. Lauren did another great job presenting Iris and Declan’s story

2.    Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

Smart, hard-working, and MBA-ready, Chloe Mills has only one problem: her boss, Bennett Ryan. He is demanding, harsh, ruthless – and irresistible. The personification of a beautiful bastard.

Bennett returned to Chicago from France to play a major role in his family’s large media business. He never expected that the assistant who helped him from abroad would turn out to be a beautiful, unknowingly challenging – extremely annoying – creature that he now had to see every day. Despite rumors, he has never been to the workplace. But Chloe is so seductive that he’s willing to break the rules if it means he can have her. Everywhere in the office.

3.    A Ticking Time Boss

The story is about Audrey, a journalist who gets anxious every time she goes on a date. She hasn’t been on many dates so it always worries her. While waiting for a late-night blind date, Audrey meets a handsome businessman at a bar. He is not her type, but Carter is nice and easy to talk to.

When Audrey’s date finally arrives and things don’t go well, Carter comes to her rescue. After that, a correspondence begins between them, and everything seems to be going well until Audrey discovers that Carter is a heartless suit who just bought the newspaper he works for and fired a group of his colleagues.

It’s not what she expected from her new boyfriend, and it throws her personal and professional dynamics off balance. But Carter enjoyed getting to know Audrey, and he won’t let her give up on their promising friendship so easily.

4.    Been There, Done That by Hope Ellis

Stories from the past and compromises on the love front almost always make for a happy story. They just have something cute and beautiful. And often a little heartbreaking. This story is no different.

It was quite tragic in the moments when you realized that everything was lost due to the rash decisions of a silly teenager. But it was also fun, teen romances don’t always have happy endings because it’s ridiculously hard to grow up with another person.

This is another beautiful contemporary novel that has made its readers incredibly happy and content. It’s so easy to understand the faults and flaws of both characters. And that makes it an interesting and cute read.

5.    Cruel by Deborah Blandon

The story follows Juliet, a journalist who has just started her career. When she is ambushed in an alleyway, a mysterious stranger comes to her rescue. He leaves before she can thank him, but this event changes her life. Shortly after the incident, Julia’s boss says she’s been asked to do a special assignment to interview a reclusive billionaire, the man most feared. This billionaire turns out to be none other than her savior, but Kavan is not as good a boy as she thought.

The crux of the book is a bit mysterious and very light-hearted, with a love-hungry anti-hero whose reputation precedes him. It reminded us of Beauty and the Beast with a rough, misunderstood hero, a bright and charming heroine, lots of time at home, and a crew that feels like family.


So, there you have it, our top picks to satisfy your billionaire romance cravings. We brought some of the best hot and wealthy fictional boyfriends to you, and hope you like what we had to show. Stay tuned for more of our lists!


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