8 Best IDE Software for Web Development

What is important to you about a website from a developer’s point of view? Catchy design, usability, or maybe high loading speed? In fact, all of them are important. 

Imagine visiting some car hire website and booking, for example, a cheap car hire Nantes Airport. You just need to enter the appropriate location and the date of your future trip. If the website has a well-optimized code, then the whole car hire process will take you a few minutes. However, if not, then it may take much longer. What do we mean? 

So, the point is that web code optimization is a critical attribute of every successful website. At the same time, having the right software is essential for a developer. 

Fortunately, today it’s much easier to develop a website – you only need a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript and an easy-to-use integrated development environment (IDE). If you want to get started, here’re some great IDE Software solutions for developers.


CSSDeck is a free service suitable for programming, formatting HTML documents, and changing styles. You can also use it to detect errors when coding a web page: just copy the code from the page to the service, click on “Save” and share the link on a specialized forum. 


  • Collaborative coding option. 
  • Zen Coding plugin support in HTML and CSS. 
  • Access to all saved scripts. 
  • Detailed user documentation. 
  • A blog with tutorials and helpful articles.


Koding is a browser-based universal website development environment that provides a third-party web server with programming languages ​​installed on it. It offers a separate MySQL database. At the same time, the file editing option is available both through the browser and through FPT. Koding also allows you to communicate with other programmers, join communities, share experiences, and receive valuable recommendations. 


  • Online collaboration.
  • Automatic error alerts. 
  • Support for many cloud providers. 
  • Detailed documentation, a blog with useful materials.



JSFiddle is a great web development environment for HTML, JavaScript, and CSS editing and coding. It supports Sass SCSS and CoffeeScript syntax, and can automatically clean up problematic and untestable code. 

In order to check the finished project, you need to click on the Run button. You can also choose another previewing layout and recommend it to other users. 


  • Lots of JavaScript libraries like jQuery. 
  • Connecting your own JS library. 
  • Project collaboration. 
  • Access to previously saved projects. 
  • Sharing the code via social networks. 
  • Inserting code into blogs. 
  • Additional paid options, including project grouping, private grouping, etc.


CSSDesk is a convenient and fast service for HTML and CSS coding. The entered results are available immediately in the right part of ​​the screen. The service has an intuitive interface. Plus, it offers convenient syntax highlighting, and line numbering. 


  • Downloading and sharing results. 
  • Permanent link to the result. 
  • Resetting the code. 
  • Several themes for the work area, including backgrounds with grids. 
  • Editing the size of the work area fields.



CodePen is a convenient online editor for HTML, CSS, and JS developers. The service makes it possible to write and analyze code, practice, and share a sample code with other customers. Also, you can customize the workspace to suit your personal preferences. 

The service has a large community, with demos and examples developed by experienced users. What’s more, CodePen features a Professor Mode, which is great for training. You can explain the code to students online and communicate with them via chat. 


  • Fast training of new customers. 
  • Sharing the project with other users. 
  • Detailed documentation, a blog with tutorials. 
  • Additional paid options like private projects, individual thumbnails, project collaboration, etc.


Cloud9 is a cloud-based IDE that contains a code editor, debugger, and terminal. It supports many programming languages, but the main ones are HTML, CSS, and JS. The service works through a browser on any operating system and supports an API plugin. 


  • Simple and convenient development of serverless applications. 
  • Excellent software development kit (SDK) with large selection of libraries and plugins. 
  • AWS Lambda support to speed up coding and improve code quality. 
  • Project collaboration, online pair programming. 
  • Real-time code tracking.
  • Lots of helpful materials.


SQL Fiddle 

SQL Fiddle is a free online service for debugging and modernizing databases. It allows you to test databases, identify problems and solutions, and validate database scripts. Command sharing option is available too. 

You can use the service to practice coding before getting started with SQL programming. It’s also possible to share your code with other users in specialized communities and forums. 


  • PostgreSQL and SQLite database engines support. 
  • Convenient and easy-to-use interface.
  • Fast request processing in any browser.


HTMLhouse is a free online service that can quickly edit HTML documents. You enter values on the left side of the screen, and then immediately see the results on the right. The service doesn’t require registration, so you can get started right away.


  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Convenient line numbering. 
  • Fast work in any browser. 
  • Hiding content between closing tags for more convenient work with the document. 
  • Extensive database of training materials.

Well, all of these editors simplify the process of writing code and make it more comfortable. That is, you write the code and immediately see how it works. 

The services also offer many additional options such as project collaboration, project structuring, finding code bugs, etc. Basic options and features of editors are available free of charge. Additionally, each service has a coding community where you can find solutions to popular problems.

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