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8 Bikini Line Wax Shapes and Styles

Get a wax for your bikini line. The Brazilian wax. France’s wax. Hollywood Wax. “Say what?” How to choose from so many wax services for one’s private parts? What’s the point? We found a Cosmopolitan piece about bikini line waxing styles and shapes a while back, which was the encyclopedia of down-there hair removal. It’s so good that we had to share parts of it with you. The next time you go to a salon, you’ll be amazed at how much you know about the different types of bikini wax Mississauga.

The natural way to say it: Cosmopolitan tells you that “…there is nothing wrong with leaving things down there completely natural. There is nothing wrong with that.” We, of course, think waxing is the best way to go.

Bum line touch-up. When it comes to a bikini line wax, we say to think about the shape of a bikini bottom. It’s a clean-up of the sides and tops or what you can see around your bikini cover. First-time waxers and people who want to “tidy up around the edges” should try this style.

We’ll do a full Bikini Line Wax for you. There’s also the full bikini line wax. Cosmo says that the full bikini wax gives “a little tidier up around the top and the sides.” You can choose how much of the front area to remove when you get a full bikini wax at Aroma Waxing Clinic. You can leave nothing at all, take a strip, or make a shape with your waxing tool. It’s all up to you.

French wax: Aspire to “hair-free, but not feel like you’re losing your head of hair? You can accomplish this.” The French wax eliminates most of the hair from the front and sides, but not all of it. Cosmo recommends this type of wax. However, the centre and around the rear are left alone. There has been a landing strip here for a long time.

Bermuda Triangle: The Brazilian Bikini Wax is like that. In our language, we call a Brazilian wax just that: a Brazilian wax! It takes everything away from the front to the back. Sometimes a little is left at the front if you want.

In Cosmo’s explanation, he talks about the Bermuda Triangle, which is where things go wrong. It looks like a traditional bikini line wax, but it doesn’t have the hair on your labia and bum that you don’t want.

Brazilian Bikini Wax: The Desert Island also leaves a small triangle on the pubic bone. When you get a Brazilian wax, it’s usually paired with a small triangle. Cosmo says you can also get a small triangle when you go French. OK, then.

It’s called the “Love Heart” because it’s a heart-shaped patch on the pubic area.

Hollywood Wax: When you get a Brazilian wax, you might get a little hair. However, there’s no hair left behind with a Hollywood wax, so it doesn’t hurt. There is no way around it. In the words of Cosmopolitan, “If you want a thorough wax, be prepared to remove your underwear and don’t be afraid to do some yoga-like postures. Remember, this is nothing new to them.”

Avoiding Ingrown Hair After Bikini Waxing

Now that we know how ingrown hairs come to be, we can talk about getting rid of them.

Ingrown hairs show up when your hair grows back into your skin rather than up to the surface. Um, what? (And, oh.) So make sure to use these tips.

It’s time to get rid of the DIY wax experience. No, really. If the product is cheap or YouTube makes it look simple, it doesn’t work. For the best chance of not getting bumped, get help from someone else. In the form of Aroma’s Wax Specialists, of course! People skilled at laser hair removal train very hard and very carefully to use the right techniques and patterns. You’re in good hands when you combine them with our unique soft wax. It’s made to remove even the tiniest of baby hairs.

Exfoliate before and after your appointment to remove dead skin cells (but timing is key). Do this a day or two before your wax appointment to get rid of any dead skin cells. Hairs can push through more easily, making it easier for the wax to get as close to the skin as possible. Then, a few days after having your wax done, you should exfoliate your skin again and moisturize it. Tip: Only use gentle scrubs that are infused with hydrating agents. Anything stronger, like chemical exfoliators, will be too harsh on your skin before you get waxed and can cause it to hurt or burn.

Invest in waxing after-care products, as well. They work, they’re easy to use, and they help get rid of ingrown hairs and soothe the skin at the same time. Then, hello. It was worth it. Soothe by Aroma Waxing Clinic After Wax is, of course, our favorite after-wax antiseptic solution.

Shave or pluck between wax appointments. People who tweeze their ingrown hairs are likely to get an infection or scar.

While you’re at it, keep your hands away from where you’ve just waxed. This will keep your hands from getting itchy (such as ingrown hairs). All you can do is stay away from it.

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