Anti stress therapy

Anti-stress therapy is fundamentally based on relaxing massages, a type of manual treatment that is applied firmly and progressively in order to release the tension accumulated in the body and calm the mind.

Designed with the purpose of relaxing the muscles, relaxing massages physically stimulate the body and cause beneficial muscular, biological, metabolic and even psychological reactions to arise with it.

This type of massage is an external, natural and relaxed procedure, without secondary effects, which is applied through the hands and forearms, without the aid of apparatus, but with the help of oils and creams, relaxing music, special aromas and within an atmosphere that invites tranquility, making it a relaxing therapy experience.

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With these massages, a physical and mental improvement is perceived,

With prolonged treatment greater concentration is achieved at work and being more efficient, negative stress is released, anxiety and chronic fatigue are relieved, and over time it helps to sleep. better.

This treatment is a good alternative to the desire to experience a state of peace in the face of the pressures of daily life, since they are a powerful tool that gives tranquility and rest to the human being, in addition to its well-known effects in favor of circulation, calm nerves and clear the mind.On those days when you are exhausted and all parts of your body ache, what better than a good massage to relax and feel much better? We all love to be given a good whether on the back, neck, feet, face… Wherever it is, it will help us feel comforted.

 But relaxation is not the only benefit that can be attributed to this practice,

but massages offer many other advantages that are not as well known. From improving your body’s immunity to reducing headaches to improving your beauty. So that you know how many good things they offer you, at we present 10 benefits of massages .

They relax the muscles and thus discharge the tension that accumulates due to physical exertion. Massages are an ideal way to reward a tired body, this is the benefit most attributed to this practice.

They help control anxiety and depression.

Massages help reduce levels of a hormone called cortisol, which is released in response to stress and therefore lifts mood and lowers blood pressure. On the other hand, they can stimulate serotonin and dopamine, two neurotransmitters related to depression. They relieve pain . There are studies that ensure that massages help alleviate chronic back pain. They have also been linked to a decrease in stiffness, while improving mobility in people with osteoarthritis.


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