Best Home Remedies for Thick Eyebrows

The crowns of our eyes are similar to our brows. They are essential in keeping sweat from dripping into our eyes; they are not mere accessories. They also play an important role in facial emotions and protect the bony ridges over the eyes. Asians typically have narrower eyebrow hair than Caucasians, whose scalp hair is typically thinner.

Even though we are grateful for all that our eyebrows do for us and love how they look, there are times when we may wonder how to obtain thicker eyebrows. Do you also want to know how to thicken your brows? If so, continue reading to learn more.

What Causes Thin Eyebrows?

You may be interested in learning how to develop thick eyebrows if you have naturally thin brows, have over-plucked them, or are losing eyebrow hair. Madarosis is the term used to describe eyebrow loss. Originally used to describe the loss of sole eyelashes, the definition of madarosis was expanded to include the loss of eyebrows. Madarosis may indicate several different illnesses. Madarosis may result from the causes listed below (loss of eyebrows).

Infectious diseases: Leprosy, syphilis, herpes, HIV infections, infections of the hair follicles, etc., are infectious disorders.

Diseases of the skin: Dermatitis (atopic, seborrheic, contact, and neural kinds), epidermolysis bullosa, psoriasis, inflammatory conditions of the hair and extremities, etc., are all skin diseases.

Eye diseases: Blepharitis is an eye illness (Staphylococcal, seborrheic, rosacea, and posterior types)

Nutritional disorders: Nutritional diseases include marasmus, a lack of iron, zinc, or blood proteins, and a lack of biotin (vitamin B7).

Mineral toxicity: Hypervitaminosis A (increased vitamin A), thallium, gold, bismuth, mercury

Certain medications: Some drugs: niacin, valproic acid, antithyroid pharmaceuticals (lowers thyroid hormone levels), anticoagulants (prevents blood clots), anti cholesterol meds (lowers cholesterol), etc.

Autoimmune disorders: These illnesses are brought on by our immune system attacking the body’s healthy, normal cells. Examples include localized scleroderma, Graham-Little syndrome, and alopecia areata.

Systemic disorders: These include hyperthyroidism, hyperparathyroidism, hypothyroidism, and so forth.

Trauma or injury: Injuries from radiation, chemicals, cocaine vapor, etc.

Inherited disorders: Clouston syndrome, Rothmund-Thomson syndrome, Hallerman-Steriff syndrome, etc.

Others: Following dental procedures, radiation therapy for cancer, trichodysplasia spinulosa (a rare condition with raised patches of skin on the face), etc.

Home Remedies

Here are a few at-home treatments for thick eyebrows that you can attempt if you’re wondering how to develop thick eyebrows. These are natural techniques that could assist you in creating larger, fuller eyebrows. Check them out to discover which one suits you the best.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil might promote healthy hair growth. It is beneficial for hair regrowth as well. One of the best natural nutrients for hair may be this one. It is one of the natural treatments for thick brows. 2 You can gently massage your brows with a tiny bit of coconut oil in a circular motion. It might be beneficial to do this at night, leave the oil on overnight, and then wash it off the next morning to encourage the growth of thicker eyebrows.

Olive Oil

Applying olive oil has been demonstrated to promote hair development in animal studies. As a result, it suggests that olive oil can stimulate hair growth. 3 It is also helpful for having thick, bushy eyebrows. Using this swab you can use an olive oil-dipped cotton swab and thoroughly massage the area between your eyebrows. Overnight storage could be helpful as well. If you stick to this regimen religiously, you might notice a noticeable difference in your eyebrows.

Eyebrow Serum

Most of the most recent over-the-counter brow serums are made to increase the thickness of each brow hair and, depending on the formula, increase growth. Your brow region can become healthier with Lash Md eyebrow serum, promoting even better brow development.

Aloe Vera Gel

A study revealed that aloe vera strengthens hair follicles and promotes hair growth. 5 As a result of its medicinal benefits, it has many uses. It helps achieve thicker brows. You can chop open a fresh aloe vera leaf to get the gel. Then, apply this gel to your brows until it is entirely absorbed by mixing a tiny bit of coconut oil and mixing it with the gel. You can wait a while before washing it off. Regularly performing it could encourage the growth of thicker brows.

Wrapping Up!

You can wish for larger and bushier eyebrows after observing numerous others. But what if your brows don’t develop precisely how you want them to, leaving you wondering how to thicken them? You might detect a loss, thinning, or reduced thickness of eyebrow hair. You could have naturally thin eyebrows, alopecia areata, hormone imbalances, etc., as the cause of this or another factor. However, you can try several at-home treatments for thick brows, such as coconut oil. However, if you find scales on your skin, observe thinning scalp hair, or have eye issues, you should contact a dermatologist. Thin eyebrows or the absence of eyebrows can indicate a medical illness. Check MD factor for eyebrow growth serum, and it helps to enhance best brows hair growth.



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