Best Shooting Games for android in 2022

PUBG Mobile

Play Store : 500M+

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) launched in December 2017 is one of the best mobile shooting games, although it had spent almost an entire year in Steam’s Early Access. Throughout in the year, the team fine-tuned the PUBG experience, and it debuted on Xbox and PlayStation in early 2018.

Even before it officially launched, PUBG had surpassed almost all other games on Steam in terms of peak concurrents. It surpassed League of Legends, the most popular online PC game, in August 2017, four months before its official launch.

While PUBG garnered global popularity, it struggled to compete in the United States, as Epic Games’ Fortnite overshadowed it. When it launched on iOS and Android in 2018, PUBG Mobile managed to surpass Fortnite in downloads, through its large userbase in China and India.

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Garena Free Fire Max

Play Store : 1B+

Garena Free Fire Max is the latest game in a series of battle royale shooters. It plays as many other battle royale shooters do. You and 49 other players drop down onto a deserted island and duke it out until only one player remains. The battlefield shrinks to encourage players to make their way to the center. The game also features decent graphics, social play with up to four-player squads, and it also syncs with your existing Firelink account.

It’s free to play, but most of the purchases are cosmetic. This one hit the ground running and it’s one of the most successful and popular shooters out these days. The previous games are still pretty decent, but this one is the best among them.

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Call of Duty: Mobile

Play Store : 100M+

Call of Duty: Mobile is the current king of the shooting games genre. It is insanely popular and it has enough game modes to keep things interesting. There is a 100-player battle royale mode along with your classic team deathmatches. Players unlock gear over time along with popular characters, equipment customizations, and more. It’s an online shooter so there are social elements as well. The game has the occasional bug and the game HUD has a bit of a learning curve. Otherwise, it’s a safe, popular Option for shooter fans.

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PUBG: New State

Play Store : 10M+

PUBG: New State is the latest game in one of the most popular shooting game franchises on mobile. It takes place after the events of PUBG Mobile so it’s sort of a proper sequel. Many of the game mechanics remain the same. The maps are significantly smaller than before and the game does groups of 64 players instead of 100. There are also some extra mechanics like dodging. Finally, the graphics are better. Otherwise, it’s about 80% of the original PUBG Mobile experience.

The game is newer and it does have a few problems, particularly on lower-end devices. There is also a battle pass system that isn’t all that great. The game is definitely fixable and the mechanics are there, but those with low patience can still have fun on the original PUBG Mobile for now.

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