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Who is using it, and why are they doing so?

Delta 8 THC Syrup Research | CBDDY

Cannabis with the Consistency of Cough Medicine

The increased availability of various pot strains concentrates, and vaping liquids means that getting stoned in the US has never been easier.

THC syrup is one of the most recent. It’s a weed in liquid form like Weed Lean 1000mg, with the same thickness and viscosity as cough syrup, and it means to be put in spoonfuls of your lemonade to get high without worrying about omitting any odd scents or sharing a joint.

Slowthai, a British rapper, recently showed off a fresh order of THC Syrup on his Instagram Live, and a quick Google search reveals that you can order bottles delivered to your door from legal websites in seconds. But, exactly, what is it? Is it also secure?

What is THC syrup?

It’s a cannabis liquid typically made by combining cannabis concentrate with vegetable glycerine, coconut oil, and sugar. The reasoning is that by putting high doses of THC, the psychoactive component in cannabis, into liquid form, you would experience a faster and longer-lasting high than a traditional edible, due in part to the rate at which it gets absorb into your bloodstream.

Who is using it, and why are they doing so?

THC syrup was introduce to me by a friend. So it wasn’t long before my weed dealer was offering it to me. I paid $50 for a Weed Lean 1000mg bottle of apple-flavored THC syrup with no additional instructions other than “mix thoroughly before usage.” So I began mixing little tablespoons of it into my cans of 7-Up Zero and immediately felt a buzz. Not only from the intense high but also from the prospect of getting stone in a novel way.

Co-signs from well-known emcees such as Slowthai and Smokepurpp, who is establishing his THC syrup line with the political goal of combating America’s opiate crisis, have surely helped enhance its visibility popularity.

Is it a substitute for lean?

Despite its very different effects, THC syrup has been market in the United States as a safer alternative to “lean thc,” also known as Sizzurp, Dirty Sprite, and Purple Drank, a popular drink among the rap scene that consists of prescription-grade codeine cough syrup mixed with soda.

The slim connections, according to Professor Adam Winstock, originator of the Global Drug Survey, are marketing gimmicks. “THC syrup is just another type of consumable,” he explains. “Suggesting a healthy alternative to lean THC is akin to saying marijuana is a healthy alternative to heroin.” Lean THC is a deadly combination of an antihistamine in promethazine, an opioid in codeine, and, in some cases, alcohol. There is no comparison between a cannabis drink and an opioid drink other than that they both get you high. It’s just a bunch of marketing nonsense.”

A habitual THC syrup user (he obtains it from a dealer who produces it at home) and music producer living in the United States says he began taking it for health reasons. “It’s not as dangerous for you as smoking is,” he explains, “so if you’re going to get high, it’s a healthier, safer way than weed and tobacco.”

“My friends and I use it frequently and enjoy it.” I believe psychedelics and alternative cannabis products are having a moment in the United States, possibly because individuals are experimenting indoors since those parties have ended.”

Is it secure?

According to Winstock, it’s possible. However, he claims that unless THC syrup is getting ready by a skilled chemist who understands dosing, there would be a “great difference in the product per teaspoon.”

The fact that my bottle came with almost no instructions and the experience of another THC Syrup user supports Winstock’s evaluation. “It’s quite difficult to dose if you haven’t used it before,” explains 31-year-old Steve, who recently tried the syrup for the first time. “It gets stronger and stronger for a long time after consuming, and it was too strong for me.”


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