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How can a girl be stylish?

How can a girl be stylish?

Every girl dreams of being stylish and elegant. But girls also ask themselves this question: How to look stylish? It is true that each individual has their own unique style, but young girls are inspired by all the different fashion trends that they see in the media—magazines, movies and on the Web. So, how does one craft their own unique style while staying ahead of the latest fashion wave. It is a big goal, but not one that cannot be achieved with a little research and creativity.

Here are some of the most common ways in which you can look stylish without chasing every other fashion trend.

1. Do not overspend

The first rule to remember about ‘How girl be stylish?’ is that style does not have to be expensive. Instead, you should focus on quality. That means buying items that have a long life such as a floral belt dress or a pink net tunic. The secret to perfect styling is being able to mix and match different pieces in your wardrobe to create a different look. You don’t need to buy expensive items all the time.

Whether you buy girls dresses or any clothing from a designer brand, or even something from the local market, it should be high quality. The material should be good, the stitching durable and the colors lasting. You can pair a comfy pair of old trousers with a new blouse and still look stylish.

2. Keep everything organized

This is something that is so underestimated. Style is not about buying the latest clothes and accessories and dumping them in your closet. There is no point in doing this unless you can find what you need when you need it. This is true especially if you are someone who likes to shop a lot.

Make sections in your closet for different types of clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags, perfumes and other accessories. Choose any method or organizing that you like. The KonMari style is perfect for storing a lot of dresses for girls in a small space. Or you can organize by color, season, material, and so on.

3. Go for a tailored look

Style is all about having a unique look. The easiest and most affordable way to do achieve better dressing is by getting a tailored wardrobe. True, things on the store shelves look very attractive and there is no harm in buying them occasionally. But nothing looks more stylish than a well-fitted outfit.

So, the best thing to do is to get your clothes stitched from scratch. If, however, you do spot a readymade garment that you like, get it altered by a tailor so that it fits you perfectly. When you wear a well-tailored outfit, you look smart, alert, and confident.

4. Follow a self-care routine

You cannot look stylish unless you are relaxed and you feel in control. You won’t find a stylish girl who is always running around trying to keep up with everything. Take care of yourself. Follow a strict routine for self-care. Being stylish does not mean wearing nice clothes. It also includes having fresh skin, neat hair and clean nails. That means that you must never skip the hairdresser’s appointment, go to the beauty salon at least once a month, and clean out your wardrobe on a weekly basis. Donate the girls clothing you don’t need, reuse what you can, and buy only when you need to.

5. Add your own twist to trends

Having a unique style does not mean that you forget about the trends. If you are thinking about some creative ‘what to wear ideas’, you have to think out of the box. But you must also be aware of what is happening in the world of fashion nowadays—what colors are hot, what cuts are in, and what the popular celebrities are wearing. But don’t follow them blindly or you will become just another face in the crowd. Be creative and add your own touch to these trends. Change the length, mix up the colors, or just use a different kind of accessory.


Style is something that is distinctly about you. Millions of people may follow the same fad, but fads and trends come and go. Style stays. It is what people remember you for. So, take time and think about the style legacy you want to leave behind. Be brave and feel confident in your style choices. You will be amazed at how positively people respond when you are brave enough to craft your unique and personal style statement.

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