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How Does Reseller Hosting Work-Is it worth it?


By considering reseller hosting, a web hosting company is able to manage its data centers, servers, as well as resources. Also, a reseller controls the account by reselling those services with their own name. If you are fascinated to know the insights on reseller hosting or, in fact, becoming a reseller, here is a good opportunity for you, and here is everything that you need to know:

How Does Reseller Hosting Work?

Cheap Unlimited Reseller hosting offers you incredible benefits. A reseller directly uses the parent web hosting company for managing the hosting accounts. Even though parent hosts offer discounts for the resellers who are buying in bulk, resellers also have the authority to market parent reseller hosting with resources as their own. Therefore a reseller only shares the server resources for the account it is controlling. Also, a parent company plays a dynamic role in managing and maintaining that specific account. Most web hosting companies offer cheap unlimited reseller hosting packages.

Common Characteristics of Reseller Hosting Packages

If you are searching to become a reseller host, there are numerous web hosting companies offering cheap Linux reseller hosting packages specially planned for reselling the services. Here are some of the aspects for a specific reseller package as offered by the parent hosting company:

  • Domain hosting
  • Bandwidth
  • Account management
  • Disk space

A parent company allows you to advertise such features along with the resources as your own. Hence, it involves various tools, including email account management, control panels, and monitoring tools.

Differences between Reseller Hosting Vs. Affiliate Program

Let us dig more deeply and develop an understanding of how does Reseller hosting work in comparison with the Affiliate Program. Reseller hosting and Affiliate Program are two dissimilar methods for earning money. Affiliate marketing enables you to promote a brand, while, in Reseller Hosting, you build your own brand. For example, if there is a web hosting company providing services, you can become its affiliate partner. Hence, you will be promoting the hosting services as well as plans offered by that company in order to earn a noteworthy amount of money in the form of sales commission. Whereas, on the other hand, Reseller hosting allows you to resell the web hosting services of a company with your own brand name.

Benefits of Selecting a Reseller Host

If you are searching for an answer to why do you have to pick a reseller hosting instead of working along with a parent hosting, here is your answer. Reseller hosts offer you added services so that you can avail yourself a whole package. A reseller might also offer you digital marketing, database programming, website design, and numerous other features along with web hosting services. A Reseller provides you one service, and if they find out that the client requires website development along with web hosting, they will also provide that. You can always avail the option of cheap unlimited reseller hosting services.

It is a chief advantage for you since you don’t have to be concerned regarding website hosting. A reseller can simply communicate with the parent hosting company, and all your problems are resolved. If you face multiple problems with bandwidth or downtime, all you will have to do is let the reseller know about the problem and fix it. They can work with the parent web hosting company to resolve the issue if you cannot resolve the issue themselves. You can also save your money by choosing cheap Linux reseller hosting services. Since resellers mostly obtain server resources in massive quantities, the parent company provides them discounts, which can be a good purchase. You can get your reseller hosting from Navicosoft.

Navicosoft provides cheap Linux Reseller Hosting with a free up-to-date WHM control panel. Hence it makes the account management very convenient with just one click away. You can host as well as create unlimited CPanel accounts using a single dashboard on your Linux Reseller Hosting Panel. In addition to this, Navicosoft provides an independent control panel (cpanel) with an individual access so that it remains inaccessible from the CPanel cheap Linux Reseller Hosting account.

How to Start a New Reseller Hosting Business? 

You can always start your own Reseller Hosting Business. Here are a few steps that you need to follow in order to make Reseller hosting work in your favor:

  1. Select a Responsible Web Hosting Company

The first thing before starting your own Reseller hosting company is to pick a parent hosting company. It needs to be dependable enough to offer you the best Reseller Hosting packages. Therefore you will have to look for all the web hosting companies fulfilling your needs.

  1. Choose the best Reseller Host

There are some web hosting suppliers that offer you an exceptionally good Reseller hosting services. These are a few hosting firms that provide you a dependable Reseller Hosting for the sites.

  • GoDaddy
  • Bluehost
  • Hostgator
  • Hostinger


  1. Buying Reseller Hosting Package

After doing your complete research and keeping in view all the insights on how can reseller hosting work, you can proceed with the purchasing step. There are numerous Reseller hosting packages accessible. You will have to pick one based on your requirements. Hence you can analyze the storage and bandwidth space of the web host and then select a Reseller web hosting package satisfying your Reseller business.

  1. Overview of your Target Market

While you are struggling to become a reseller host, you also need to closely examine your target market. It is a critical step and getting to know your target audience is very important.

  1. Plan your Package

After getting the package from the parent web hosting supplier, all you need to do is to make your own package in accordance with the customer’s requirements. After that, you can plan a package and exhibit it on your website.

  1. Pick Technical Support Option

In order to choose what kind of customer support you are planning to provide to your customers, you will have to consider the insights on reseller hosting of your competitors. Most customers require round-the-clock customer support. For that purpose, you will need a good volume of staff. Consequently, make sure that you offer all the technical support which is apt enough to find a solution for your customer’s difficulties.

  1. Profit and Scale

Now you are completely ready to earn revenue using Reseller Hosting. It all depends on the price that you will be paying to your parent Reseller Hosting and what you are offering to your customers. As long as you deliver the best services, your customers will upsurge.

Navicosoft has highly trained experts available 24/7 to help you with the premium support for an unlimited Reseller Hosting Package through multiple mediums such as Live Chat phone and Ticket System. We are among the best top Reseller web hosting companies. Hence if you are searching for reseller hosting, you can get it from us today.


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