How To Unblock Numbers On iPhone

You can prevent a number from reaching you through calls, messages, and facetime by Unblock Numbers On iPhone.

But it’s possible that this isn’t always the goal. Sometimes you could unintentionally block a number you weren’t supposed to, or you might block the number of the person who is closest to you because you and that person got into a fight.

On an iPhone, blocking a number is just as straightforward as unblocking it.

This post will walk you through the process if you’d want to learn how to unblock numbers on your iPhone as well.

On an iPhone, how to Unblock Numbers

On the iPhone, there are various ways to unblock a number. The outcomes, though, remain the same.

Check out the many techniques listed below to unblock numbers on your iPhone:

Calls recently

You can unblock a number from your contact list if you recently phoned it or if it is not preserved in your recent calls log.

Follow the instructions below to use the recent call list on an iPhone to unblock numbers:

Get the Phone app open.

Toggle to the Recents panel.

Choose the blue “info” icon next to the number you wish to unblock, then find it.

Tap Unblock this Caller at the bottom.

using Contacts

You can unblock the number from the contacts if it is saved in your contact list and is not on your recent list.

Follow the instructions below to remove blocked numbers from your contacts on your iPhone:

Switch to the Contacts section on the Phone App or open the Contacts app.

Look up and dial the number you want to unblock.

Tap Unblock this Caller at the bottom.

Utilizing the iPhone’s settings

If you want to unblock several numbers simultaneously, go to the Settings page. Comparatively simpler than the other two is this approach.

Follow the steps below to remove blocked numbers from your iPhone’s settings:

the Settings app, and then

Locate and access the Phone settings by scrolling down.

the Blocked Contacts option

Click Edit in the top right corner.

Click the red minus sign, then select Unblock.

On both iPhone and Android, we have a thorough guide on retrieving deleted text messages. Even while it seems straightforward, there are probably a few things about it that you didn’t realise. Comment below and let us know!

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Why Am I Getting Voicemails on My iPhone from a Blocked Number?

As was mentioned at the outset, blocking a number prevents the user from getting in touch with you by phone, text, or FaceTime. The user can still leave you voicemails, though.

Your phone will automatically send any incoming calls from blacklisted numbers to voicemail. Although you won’t receive a notification when a new voicemail arrives, you can discover it in your voicemail inbox.

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