Increase Your Followers Through These Effective Methods!

Are you new to Instagram? If the answer is yes, there’s a lot to learn.

Instagram is known to be a popular social media. If you ask somebody aged 10 to 40, most of them would have at least an account on Instagram. Besides being on top as the most famous platform for networking, Instagram is also a place where you can grow your brands.

According to research, marketing on Instagram will show even better results than doing it in traditional ways.

Followers are one of the best indicators to boost your presence. So how to increase Instagram followers free? Follow the methods below:

Increase Your Followers Through These Effective Methods!

1. Post Content at Specific Time

You do have to be diligent about posting quality content on your Instagram account, but pay attention to the time of posting. Several categories of time are considered adequate for posting content, namely 8-9 am, 12 noon, and 7-8 pm. But among these three-time categories, nighttime is the most appropriate to get the attention of many audiences. At that time, on average, they have finished their activities and have time to open their social media.

2. Tidy up the Feed

A neat Instagram feed is more comfortable to look at than just posting it so that it will bring in more followers. Apply matching tones in each of your content, both photos and videos. This method will provide you with at least 100 free Instagram followers. You can also arrange posts into patterns, such as puzzles or grids, for a more aesthetically pleasing look to your feed.

3. Analyze Most Interested Content

Once some content has been posted, do some analysis to see which content attracts the most audience engagement, both from likes and comments left.

Pay attention to what elements are interesting from the content, whether photos or captions. You can use this as a reference to create the following content and attract more Instagram followers.

4. Always Communicate with Your Audiences

As a brand or a marketer, interaction with the followers is often seen to be a good user service. Everyone wants to be treated well, especially by the brand they always love.

So, if your posts get comments, always communicate with them. By replying to a comment, you may have the possibility to spark a discussion with the followers. Listening to what your consumers want will show you what you need to add to your business. By showing that you appreciate the consumers, you may gain followers naturally. It’s better to try this method before using the Instagram followers increase app, like Ins Followers.

If they give some criticisms, welcome all of the inputs. Instead of being mad about them, use the moment as an opportunity to grow from your mistakes.

5. Creating Q&A Content

Don’t just share photos and videos; you also have to be diligent in interacting with your followers. The way you can do this is by creating question-and-answer content.

The contents can be mini quizzes, sharing experiences, asking for opinions, and so on. This will give you the impression that you are friendly, fun, and willing to interact with many people.


Building a business on Instagram can be one of the best effective ways to net you some profit. To get the starting followers, try to focus more on the content, and ensure to post them at the most busy hours.

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