It’s No Less Than Triumphant Success To Become A Digital Marketer At The Age Of 20

Success Story Of Shahjahan Sarwar

The person whom the difficult times could not stop. The one who always kept on finding new ways that promise success and victory. The journey from a common student to becoming a freelance digital marketer and content writer was difficult but he did not stop and kept working on his dreams. He is Shahjahan Sarwar Almani: the one who did not lose hope. He aboriginally belongs to district Naushahro Feroze of Sindh, currently residing in Lahore, Punjab. Such a talented and meticulous young man of 20-year is found once in a blue moon.

Because of his wisdom, he has learned the most about digital marketing strategies, SEO practices, and ways to persuade people through content and copywriting. He writes on the history of Pakistan, digital marketing, relationship, and other niches as well.

His personality is a sea of motivation for all young boys and girls. Accepting failures and striving for success is what the young generation can imitate psychologically from his attitude and behavior. The problem that the young generation in his age group is facing is the lack of awareness, and that is the reason he has been found delivering value to the knowledge of people.

“Learning from such beautiful minds can enhance common sense and wisdom”.

After completion of his matriculation, he moved to Kasur for his intermediate. It was the time he failed at once that triggered his inner talent and intrinsic qualities of analyzing, comprehending, and exploring in society. He got very low marks in intermediate.

As per our societal trends, he was maligned for not studying properly. That discouragement put him into the signs of depression and entrenched him in the diverse opinions of some irrelevant and irritating people.

How did he become a freelance digital marketer and content writer? On asking, he told, “One of my friends, Ajmal Meer Mehdi: A young writer and renowned columnist told me that I could make money by writing for blogs and websites. He motivated me that I can achieve what is unknown to me but Allah Almighty knows. He further guided me that it would increase my level of motivation and learning sense. It was my start. I started to learn how to write. Further, I learned about Search Engine Optimization and Social media marketing too”.

He did not only learned skills but also earned more than currency. He got much popularity in his family, and on several platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, and Quora where he could easily get his clients to work for. On the other hand, he has been helping business owners to rank their websites, getting a huge amount of sales.

After talking with him, he told that he has been writing content for many national and international clients. He further said, “Life isn’t that easy as most young boys and girls think of it. It is a sea that drowns, the bogeyman who scares, and a trouble that never leaves. But it is a really beautiful gift of nature to us with challenges forever. Spending money is as easy as pie, but making money and learning skills with regular frequency is a hard nut to crack”.

With efforts and hardships, he became able to earn without any professional graduate degree. Currently, he is studying Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Central Punjab (UCP). When our correspondent asked him about his future plans, he told that it is my priority to make myself enabled to understand the behaviors of society, so I can help people in knowing how we should act, learn, earn and make ourselves happy.

If he is able to make money without a professional degree and with skills, why cannot others enter the freelancing industry and add to the fiscal budget of Pakistan? Freelancing is as easy as pie when you have the necessary skills. It is no use sitting at home and wasting time for just nothing. Continuing the studies along with earning something increases the sense of responsibility.

Skill is a way to gaining fame, earning a livelihood, and supporting individual and collective lives in society. The young generation of Pakistan is replete with such other names that need no introduction. These souls are assets to the country.  All younger ones should learn from their attitude, motivation, and a sense of responsibility.

Conclusively, one wins the race who runs.

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