Most Common Construction Safety Violations

Of all the industries out there, construction continues to be one of the most dangerous ones. Despite this knowledge, there are a lot of men and women who work in construction. In order to build buildings and infrastructures. So, it is well within their rights to demand that all the necessary precautions are taken. In order to guarantee that they will be safe while working on the project. With so many different moving parts that are present on a construction worksite. A lot of contractors find it really difficult to make sure that all the safety procedures take place as they should.

There are some safety violations that are most common in the construction industry. Which usually happen on a work site and result in a lot of accidents and injuries. Once you are aware of the most common violations that happen at work site. You will be able to better prevent any of them effecting your projects progression.

Fall Protection

To anyone working in construction industry this should come as no surprise. That fall protection is regarded as the most common of safety in construction management. Mostly these violations have been on projects where you are working. On heights higher than six feet but there are other areas can occur as well. Besides these it is also common for such accidents occur on rooftops. And open walkways there are a lot of places where construction workers can end up becoming a victim to fall hazard on the work site.

How can you resolve this issue?

There are few things that you can do to avoid fall hazards when you are working on a project. When the team starts work, make sure they do so with a plan in place. With the help of pre planning, you can take your time. And find that it is easier to make sure that all the construction safety measures are presently working. It’s also really important that all the members have proper protective equipment. Like a body harness so that they are prepared for the job they will be working on. Ask your industrial equipment supplier for protective equipment whenever the need arises. The contractor or construction manager overseeing the project should make sure to supervise all the employees and see if they are complying with the protocols in place.

A great way that you can make sure that everyone is following the safety protocols in place is by rounding the job site at least twice a day. Even create a schedule for anyone take this inspection, well daily inspections only take a few minutes they are able to Have a great night on the lives of the employees on the work site.


Although a lot of times this violation falls under the category of fall protection, it needs to be acknowledged separately. Seeing as how greatly a simple scaffolding malfunction can result in workers getting seriously injured. The reason behind this is usually is due to poor construction or assembling of equipment. For instance, if a scaffold isn’t properly nailed to a supporting sill, it may move too freely. This could result in the worker falling from the scaffold and possibly injuring anyone else present nearby.

How can you resolve this? 

If you want to avoid this scaffolding violation, make sure that your structural engineers get a detailed plan which explains to them how they can properly assemble scaffolds. You also need to make sure to check that the plan includes nailing these scaffolds to a mud sill. The plans should also include the installation of mid-rails so that employees don’t fall off either side while working.


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