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Multi-point locking handles for windows- A Guide to Improving the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Home

In layman language we use the term Multipoint locking handles but technically, the term is uPVC multi-point lock handles or we can also call them handles that are used on any double glazed door or window. The common denominator is to employ a multi-point lock and euro cylinder as the chief strategy of keeping your doors and windows safe. Multi-point locks have achieved tremendous growth and moved on to more urbane hooks and rollers from cam and mushroom espagnolette lock types. All this innovation took place, keeping security as the prime factor.

A multipoint locking system, unlike a basic standard door lock, usually contains three locking points. Instead of being concentrated in one location, the forced entrance load is distributed across the entire door panel. Multipoint locking systems originated in Europe and are gaining popularity in India due to their potential to increase door and window security.

Multipoint locking handles for windows and doors have retained their beauty and sophistication, the design remains more or less the same with a euro cut-out on the back plate. Most of these handles work-off on inline spindle. If the lock levers are off-set and requires two spindles, then its best to use pad uPVC door handles.

The market for Multipoint locking handles is flooded with variety and this can add to the confusion of the buyers. Hence, in this blog we are sharing little information that is useful for you to know…..

Sprung handles:

A few handle sets have springs, which can be seen inside the backplates. They are not the essential element but they do help in keeping the handle horizontal if the spring inside the lock goes off.


Security and good quality are important these days, as burglars use techniques like breaking the back plate to get access to your space. Hence, the lock and other hardware manufacturers have come up with uPVC security window and door handles that have a chunky backplate and a special guard over the cylinder. These are a must for any exterior door.


Most of the lever door handles are symmetrical, which means you can set them on either way of the window or the door. You can easily determine the same by looking at the door hinges. If the hinges are on the right side, you need a right-handed set and vice versa.


Unlike earlier times, there is a great variety available in multi-point locking handles. Besides primary colours of gold, silver, black and white, they are available in modern colours like anthracite grey. Black and white are mostly powdered coated, whereas the gold and silver ones are anodised.


The base material used for these handles are metals that vary between zinc alloy and an aluminium alloy. People prefer handle sets made from aluminium castings, as they are light weight.

But does the job without compromising on security and quality. Another factor that contributes to the popularity of aluminium handles is the fact that they add ease for finishing and being light weight does not bring undue stress on the locks, thus less likely of lock or spring failure. The handles with zinc alloys are much heavier yet posse good quality.


They does not require very sophisticated cleaning system or overall maintenance. Just use soft dry cloth and mild soapy water to keep your handles clean.  Hence, it is best to avoid chemical-based household cleaners.

Handles to Suit any window or door

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