Reasons for Sewer Line Clogging and How You Can Avoid it?

Main sewer lines clog among the top plumbing-related problems. Such clogging is very common, and unless you know the result of the clogging, it may be challenging to fix it, or you may end up fixing it multiple times. Keep reading this further; we are going to discuss some of the causes of sewer line clogging and when you should call sewer repair in Tampa or Plumbers St. Petersburg to fix your sewer.

Presence of foreign objects:

One of the most common reasons for sewer line clogging can be the presence of foreign objects and large debris. The deposition of large debris can cause the blockage of the main sewage line. Most of the time, these are the baby diapers, tampons, and other large objects flushed down the toilet in homes. These deposits over some time cause the blockage of the sewer line. In extreme cases, these also may lead to the breaking of sewage pipes or reverse water flow back to the toilet line, which is even scarier. The simple way to avoid it well is refraining from flushing down large objects like tampons, baby diapers, etc. It will help if you put those in the trash. You should not flush anything and everything down the toilet. Tissue papers can be flushed down the toilet. If there are problems with clogging, you can set up an appointment with any of the Plumbers St. Petersburg or Sewer repair Tampa and get your work done.

Presence of fats, oils, and greases:

Greases and oils are also a common factor in sewer line clogging. These are not directly the culprits, but with the presence of oils and greases, the surface becomes adhesive, and the other small debris sticks to it and causes the blockage of the main line. This is very common and can cause sewage lines to clog. The fats, oils, and greases, at the first start as the liquid, but over time, it hardens themselves and becomes adhesive and traps debris that leads to massive blockages of the main line. The simple and best option is prevention, which is very hard to prevent as you can not avoid food that is full of oil. You can avoid grease by being conscious of it and avoiding greases from running down the drain but avoiding oil is very difficult. Still, by being conscious, you can prevent a large extent of this. To avoid this, you can have regular sewage cleaning by setting up an appointment with Plumbers St. Petersburg to help you with the job. There are grease traps available in the market, which are rectangular, and they can help prevent the deposition of fats, oil, and grease by preventing them from entering the drain line. If there is sewage clogging, you can call and hire a sewer repair Tampa and make sure to remove the clogging so that everything will run fine.

Sewer camera inspection

Weak and old sewer lines:

It may be a case of sewer lines that just got old. The sewer lines are constantly at work, so like everything, it has its life span. Over some time, the sewer lines get old, and cracks will be developed in them. After the cracks, eventually, the sewer lines break down, and it can cause massive sewer problems. You can not avoid it, but if any problems are encountered along the line, you can set up an appointment with any sewer repair in Tampa, and they can help you with this. You will have to install new sewer lines and pipes and ensure the connections are right and tight. To ensure it, you should consider hiring experienced and competent Plumbers in St. Petersburg who can do their jobs correctly to avoid any future problems related to plumbing.

Presence of tree roots:

Tree roots are one of those uncommon culprits of sewage clogging. Check if there is any big tree near the sewage. If there is a big tree, it is blocking the sewage because the tree’s roots are hydrophilic. It means the roots will always move in a direction where there is the presence of water. This can penetrate the sewage line, causing it to crack and eventually collapse. To avoid this well, do not plant big trees near the sewage, and if there is a tree near the sewage, there are chemicals available to kill the tree’s root. Avoid using them repeatedly as they can kill the tree itself. If there is a crack and breakdown of the sewer line3, make sure to call any sewer repair Tampa and replace a new one.

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