Safe Baby Toys

Baby Toys

When you choose toys for your baby, you need to keep in mind that they should be safe. See the writing below to find out the toys that are safe for your baby. Also, frequently check the toys of your kid if they have produced any loose or broken parts.

Pay Attention to All the Warnings

Toy manufacturers recommend age and parents should follow them. Some toys have small parts that can cause severe difficulty in breathing because of a constricted or obstructed throat or a lack of air. So, take notice of all the warnings given on the packaging of a toy.

Avoid Smaller Toys

Pick large toys for your baby so that he/she cannot swallow them. A toy less than 3 centimeters in diameter and 6 centimeters in length is dangerous enough to store in the windpipe of your baby. You can use a small-part tester, choke tube, or a toilet paper roll to test whether a toy is small enough to pose potential health risks for your baby or not. When you let your child use balls, marbles, coins, or games with balls like billiards pool, and games of snooker, be sure that the balls, marbles, or coins are larger than 4.4 centimeters in diameter.

About Battery-operated Toys

Batteries, battery fluids, and chemicals burned out of batteries of the battery-operated toys can cause internal bleeding, burns, choking, and can expose your baby to risky situations for health. To save your baby, observe the toys thoroughly before you buy them to be sure that they have safe cases for the batteries and that they are secured with screws so that your baby cannot try to open them.

Several Characteristics of Safe Toys for Baby

When you check for the safety of a toy for your baby, make sure that he/she cannot break it and that he/she cannot chew it. The toy must not have sharp ends. If it contains little parts like eyes, buttons, wheels etcetera, your baby can easily open them after trying to make them loose. This action may cause accidents leading to big problems, and so you must avoid them. Look for toys that do not have strings more than 18 centimeters long. Also, choose toys that do not have parts that can pinch the small fingers of your baby.

About Riding Toys

If you consider that your kid is fit for riding, read the instructions given by the manufacturers before you purchase the riding toy. Wagons for kids and rocking horses for babies should have their safety harnesses and security straps unless your baby falls down from the riding toy. If you are a single father or diventare padre single you might take extra care of your baby.

About Home-made, Painted, and Stuffed Toys

Home-made toys may not be tested thoroughly considering the safety of babies, so you will have to check them very closely before purchasing. Painted toys older than 40 years contain lead that is very harmful to baby health. Stuffed toys sold at carnivals, fairs, and festivals are also untested, and you have to check them, especially their loose parts or sharp edges may be dangerous.

About Balloons

Balloons can be risky for your baby. If you give a balloon to your baby, it can pop at any moment for any reason that might result from your child inhaling the carbon dioxide used to inflame it. On the other hand, if your baby gets the chance of blowing a balloon, he/she can chew it. Or if he/she does not chew the balloon, he/she may try to blow up and inhale simultaneously which may cause choking.

So, selecting toys for your baby that is safe will surely be easier if you have gone through the above article. If you have an older child, do not give his/her toys to your younger child. Buy toys for your baby wisely and according to his/her age.

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