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The Use of an HDMI Connect Box

You have just bought your brand new Samsung One Connect box from Best Buy. It s sitting on your wall, now you try to sit back, relax and enjoy your newly remodeled home entertainment system but all the while you are distracted by those annoying dangling wires. Your mother in law is coming to town. When she sees that your receiver box is already so full, she will likely come over to see how you are getting along.

Buy another one of your Samsung one connect box:

Well, it looks like you have made a big mistake. You may have left the wiring too close to your television and instead of cutting the wires you have created a tangle of nasty, long, unstable wires. If you have done it before, you know your first impulse when it comes to something with electricity is to cut the power, so you can start over and fix whatever you did wrong. But, if you did not do your homework and leave some room for error, you will most likely have to buy another one of your Samsung one connect box’s.

Now, let me help you and your mother in law to fix their situation before she has to call an electrician to come out. By creating a little space between the TV wall mount hide and the AV back box, you will be able to hide your wires until you need to fix them. Now, what are those wires for? Well, they are for connecting your receiver box to your TV and your DVD or Blu-Ray player. But once they are connected, they will hang down past where your TV wall mount hide is.

Every time you switch the TV set:

This means that every time you switch the TV set on, you will have to find your wires to hook up your receiver box to your TV. That is unless you hide them behind your TV wall mounts. The good thing about this specific samsung one connect box accessory is that it can also be used as an AV stand alone accessory. This means that you can easily hide your wires behind the TV stand mounts. However, if you want your TV wall mounts to be used with this particular samsung one connect box accessory, make sure that the holes provided on the back of the TV stand is large enough for the stand to pass through the hole without needing to drill any more holes into the walls.

Now, if you are wondering what this samsung one connect box does, well, it acts as an invisible cable organizer. Every time you change the channel on your TV set, or put in DVDs or CDs. This box will automatically run its cable from the box. To the back of the TV and then to the receiver box. By using this accessory, you will be able to easily organize. All your cables and easily see which wire goes where. Not only does this feature help you organize your cables, but it also makes your job a lot easier. You will no longer need to unplug and plug different things in and out of your TV every time you change the channel.

Some special features and functions:

Another good thing about the samsung one connect box is that it comes with some special features and functions. For example, the most unique function of this box is the ability to detect and play back media files. That are larger than the size of the Samsung unit itself. For example, if you have two movies that you want to watch. Say movies A and B, and they are both about the same size. You have two EPOS receivers, then this box will be able to play. The two movies at the same time without any glitches. It has been found out that most EPOS televisions cannot play two video files at once. This is because most EPOS units have a limitation as to how many channels they can display at any given time.

The last good thing about the samsung one connect box is that it can also aid in the transfer of digital pictures and other multimedia. This is because all the HDMI connections of the box are digital. As such, it can directly transfer whatever you want to be transmitted. One interesting thing about these boxes is that they do not need. Any other auxiliary devices such as cables and wires in order to function. They work on their own.


In short, the use of an HDMI connect box is very important. Especially for people who are using expensive home electronics and want to minimize. The possibility of wasting power. The box allows you to transform your television screen into an appliance. That is used to view media files, such as videos and photos. It eliminates the need for extra boxes or other devices and gives you ultimate convenience.

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