Save Yourself From Your Phone With Android spy App

Oct is like the busiest month of our calendar year. There are conferences, workshops, online webinars, and whatnot. As a part of the IT team, I am responsible for many tasks but the thing took an ugly turn when one of the team members that to a senior one had to leave. It was a long messy story but the ending was not in our favor. He resigned and left the organization and that’s when the higher authorities asked me to take over his workload as well. Now before you take me as some kind of workaholic or some geek who has nothing to do except work this is just one side of the story.

You might have some person in your life who is always seen busy on his phone. Well, they are busy playing games, watching videos, useless browsing, and other similar tasks. Yes, that’s me. I am a person who is always preoccupied with useless activities even when I should rest. The thing is the organizational situation and my poor habit resulted in one of the blunder mistakes.

Spy App Protect Your Digital Life

I was responsible to report from home and there were some issues on my end. The first thing that came to my mind was to let’s go to the nearest shop and or a public place with good wifi. Maybe I forgot to pay the bill or maybe there was some technical issue I left the house and there I logged in. But unfortunately, my video camera was on.

So apparently in a whole seminar where people from all around the globe were present, there was my clip wearing headphones looking dumb and driving. Thank God my mic was off. Later on, I deleted the clip. Let me just skip the whole story about what happened to me in the organization. Let me just say that this was the moment when I decided to change my lifestyle. I got the android spy app right away and started learning about the windows and mac spy app versions as well.

Now those of you who are familiar with this technology must know how authentic, brutally honest this is. There is no chance of running away or any kind of cover-up as the monitoring app keeps the record of every activity of the target. For the record in my case, I was the user as well as the target as I got the android spy app for myself to cure my cellphone addiction and time management.

Advance Android Spy App Features

It has been a tough yet interesting ride but I am on the learning path. Here is how the android spy app is saving me from my cellphone and the weird obsessions.

Call recoding

First I am keeping the incoming and outgoing official call record on the web portal of TheOneSpy android spy app. The call recording feature keeps a check on the phone book a record and this way you can manage the calls. On top of that, one can also keep important call recordings as well on the web portal. So instead of forgetting about an important meeting or call just record the call and check the content whenever you want.

Track Messenger App

The spy app keeps the record of instant messenger chat app details of the target. As I am using the app for my self it is easy to save all the text messages any commitment or media file sharing through the instant messenger chat apps with TheOneSpy android spy app. The app offer services like the WhatsApp spy app, Lien spy app, Viber spy app, telegram spy app.

Track Real-Time GPS Location

One can track the location of the gadget with the GPS location tracking feature. So in case you are someone like me who forget about the gadget this feature is for you.

To break the cycle of useless browsing one can block all the extra or useless websites from the target device. That means no access to the entertainment sites, web content, and more a thus more time for work.

Record Screen on Demand

The app keeps records of all the screen activities with timestamp information. Thus you can know how much time in real did you spend on Instagram or Youtube in a day.



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