Vault codes for Geometry Dash for October 2022

Popular and challenging platformer Geometry Dash has you leaping around to avoid spikes while taking in the music. It’s a fun game that has a genuine “one more go” vibe. To access more features, you might want to utilise certain keys, though!

Codes are now exclusively used in the commercial editions of Geometry Dash. This implies that none of these codes work with Geometry Dash Lite. In light of this, you also need to unlock Geometry Dash’s ability to employ codes, which is a difficult task. In the game, you must gather five keys. You will need 500 blue orbs in order to obtain one key. It can take you some time to open the vault because the majority of the beginner levels only award 75 orbs upon completion.

You can access settings (the tool button next to the play button) after receiving 5 keys, at which point you can click the purple monster face door in the lower right corner of the screen. You can use your codes there to open the vault and begin utilising it. You truly deserve to use the code vault if you took the effort to open it.


Lenny – Icon of Lenny

UFO by Blockbite

Shy – Spooky Guy Icon

UFO: Neverending

Ship – Mule

Forward – Wave

Trail of the Gandalf Potter

Sparky: In-game items and a hidden coin

Illuminati Wave **|8 16 30 32 46 84

*|an eye (your username)

A robot named Robotop

There are also a few unique codes that aren’t precise words.

Your username should be Eye.

This is your username in the game. You should click the Face button to the left of the play button in order to discover your username. If you haven’t changed it, just enter Player since that is the default name. Anything else is what you modified it to.

The Illuminati Wave code is 8, 16, 30, 32, 46, and 84.

Another unique code is this one. Each number must be entered separately, and then you must choose the Vault Keeper’s face. In order to enter this code, you must first type in 8, choose the vault keeper, then type in 16, choose the vault keeper, and so on until the code is complete.


The Octocube octopus icon

Brain Icon: Brain Power

(7) Finn Icon (from Adventure Time)

Thechickisonfire’s colour is swamp green.

Levels of the Vault Keeper Challenge

Red colour from Gimmiethecolor

There are also some unique codes that are no longer valid.

The previous time you entered your star count, an icon at random appeared.

The It’s a Puzzle code started a puzzle for you to complete after you redeemed an icon. You had to write “Cod3Breaker” after typing “It’s a Puzzle” and then watch 6 numbers flash across the screen. It’s best to note this feature. Each user has a unique set of these numbers. The next step is to utilise the numbers to solve a subtraction puzzle by adding or subtracting the first number from the second number to produce new numbers. Yes, it is complicated.


For extra rewards, enter these codes in the Chamber of Time.
Gatekeepers’ Vision of the Volcano (Reward: Wave)

Code for River’s Gatekeepers (Reward: dark green color)

Gatekeepers’ Query: Silence (Reward: default icon)

Riddle of the Gatekeepers: Darkness (Benefit: a face symbol)

The Gatekeepers’ Curse: Hunger (Reward: hungry icon)

All of the codes for the Geometry Dash Vault have been listed above; maybe they will enable you to obtain some awesome things! You may use Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice codes, One Punch Man: The Strongest codes to acquire cash and tokens, Land of Empires codes, and many more thanks to our selection of related articles!

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