Why Is Kotlin An Effective Technology for Android App Development

Today, many JVM languages are available in the market; one can use them in their android app development projects. For the last ten years, Java has been the only technology that is compatible with the official IDEs of Google to build Android applications. Since JAVA is a relatively old technology, you may have noticed a few obstacles while building Android applications. Sometimes you may have come across some limitations on your creativity because of the restraints practiced by the technology. To overcome such limitations, a young and emerging programming technology, KOTLIN, is introduced by JetBrains, which seems quite effective yet simpler than JAVA.

This compelling language has been receiving massive appreciation since Google announced its official support as a programming technology. Kotlin also enables the product owners to hire an Android app development company and use Android Studio, the primary IDE of Google for Android.

It is challenging for product owners to switch from Java to Kotlin because of their experience and expertise in that technology. But when they started using Kotlin, almost everyone changed their minds and opted for Kotlin for building android apps.

Introduction to Kotlin

Kotlin is a comprehensive programming technology for the Android and JVM that combines Functional programming and object-oriented features, which is for a statically typed pragmatic, general-purpose, and open-source. It entirely focuses on safety, interoperability, tooling support, and clarity.

Kotlin has been built as an effective solution to product owners’ issues in their android app development over time. It enables you to overcome various obstacles in a quick and easy manner.

Advantages: Kotlin Vs. Java


Kotlin prevents common programming issues like design and app crashes. While in Java, specific issue causes are more likely to come again and again. Using Kotlin, you can quickly write more powerful code lines.


Kotlin is relatively more concise than Java as it resolves several problems within free code lines. It also helps you enable a change in the code efficiently and effectively. This enhances code readability and maintenance.

Reduce Bugs and Errors in The Code

The main focus of Kotlin’s compiler is to fail-fast whenever there is a possibility. Kotlin compiler performs a lot of checks avoiding runtime errors.

Comprehensive Support for Functional Programming

Kotlin offers functional programming, an extensive development pattern that enables product owners to solve issues more efficiently and consistently. Performance can be stepped up with the help of inlining, which is not possible while using Java.

Additional Benefits of Using Kotlin for Android App Development

Following are the key benefits you get while using Kotlin for your Android app development project.

  • Kotlin programs mainly utilise JAVA libraries and frameworks.
  • Being an open-source technology, it offers an intuitive way to build android applications.
  • It supports various popular platforms.
  • Sophisticated programming technology with excellent IDE support.
  • Low-risk technology

Main Differences Between Java And Kotlin

  • Both Java and Kotlin files can co-exist in your Android applications, so Kotlin is not only for the latest applications, but it’s also beneficial in expanding existing Java apps.
  • Kotlin code is quite concise and safer than Java code for your applications.
  • For anyone executing Android development, the benefits of Kotlin are pretty compelling. The time for Java programmers to learn and understand Kotlin is a few hours. The most detailed estimate indicates an approx forty per cent cut in the number of code lines in Kotlin than Java.

App Development With Kotlin

To start the development process, Kotlin enables top-level functionalities. It offers compatibility with inline functions, higher-order functions, generics, anonymous functions, closures, and tail recursion. The majority of the features and functionalities of the programming technologies are combined in Kotlin.

As a practical alternative programming style, it helps you preserve most of Java’s object-oriented nature, which is relatively easy while carrying out the comparison with Java code. Kotlin also comprises classes with constructors.

This comprehensive technology offers product owners a single inheritance from the named superclass, and various Kotlin Classes are with default superclasses, which are different from Java classes.

To enable other classes to inherit their classes, these Kotlin classes have to be marked using an open keyword.

String Templates

Strings have something called template expressions; such expressions are basically evaluated with outcomes inserted into the string.

A template expression contains a simple name or, most probably, an arbitrary expression enclosed in curved brackets. The code starts with a dollar sign.

Variable Declaration

In Kotlin, you get the benefit to declare a variable as var x: Int = 10, or you can utilise the shorter but clear version var x = 10

For the read-only variable, Kotlin comprises something known as Val declaration that is equal to Java variables. Once these variables are finalised, they can’t be reassigned with ease.

Converting Java To Kotlin

As Kotlin is rapidly receiving unstaggered popularity, it may be possible that you will get the right solution or third party libraries built with Kotlin easily as compared to Java. But there’s no need to take any stress, as the conversion of Java code to Kotlin is very easy.

Even if you have developed your app with Java and want to migrate it from Java to Kotlin, You can convert that code with the help of the following steps:

  • Paste the entire Java code into the Kotlin file.
  • Choose a Java file, go to the code option, and tap on “Convert Java file to Kotlin file.”

Wrapping Up

Kotlin is a development-friendly programming technology that enables breathing space for product owners to bring unique solutions to various regular issues while executing app development.

With Google’s support for Kotlin, every android app development company is moving towards opting for this comprehensive language.

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