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Why should you consider suitcase ramps for your house?

Ramps are necessary to make buildings, homes, or any other place handicapped accessible. These ramps provide safe access to the users who are disabled or use wheelchairs and for other walkers too.  Suitcase ramps are important for a variety of reasons be it your home, office, or anywhere in between ramps makes it easy for us to walk

There are various types of ramps but suitcase ramps are best among all. As our parents get older it gets difficult for them to move or climb stairs. So ramps are very useful as they help elders to walk easily. We often remodel our washrooms and other corners of our home to make it a safe place for elders and the disabled. So installing a ramp can be a great option.

Choosing the right kind of ramps is not an easy task but if you’re looking for an easy carry ramp suitcase ramps can be the ones you’re looking for as it requires no installation you just simply need to place it above the obstacle and it is one of the safest ramps with slip-resistant properties.

Ramps are required when there is a gap between ground levels. An access ramp makes it easier for people who use wheelchairs, mobility scooters, etc. ramps help physically disabled people to enjoy freedom as it makes it easy for them to move safely from one place to other.


A suitcase ramp is a portable ramp that can be easily folded and carried just like a suitcase making it very convenient for people to take it wherever they go.

So in this article, we will discuss why to consider suitcase ramps in your house.

There are two types of ramps

  • permanent ramps
  • portable ramps
  1. Permanent ramps:

It is made up of materials like wood, aluminum and is fixed in a place. These ramps are more attractive as compared to portable ones. These are mainly used at the entrance of the house. People who use mobility scooters and wheelchairs mostly prefer this type of ramp. So permanent ramps are suitable if a person loves to stay home and doesn’t need to go out.

  1. Portable ramps:

These ramps come in many sizes and materials. They are designed to go along with you wherever you go. These types of ramps are beneficial for the home as well as outside. Portable ramps are beneficial for people who love to travel. So portable ramps are the least expensive and lightweight making them very easy for you to carry.

So, suitcase ramps are the portable and the most user-friendly ramps. Also here are some features of suitcase ramps:

  1. Two sections:

The suitcase ramp can be divided into two sections with the help of removable hinge pins. The separation of the ramp into two sections makes it easy to handle. It also makes it wider thus helping by giving more space.

  1. Slip resistant:

This is one of the best features of the suitcase ramp that ensures safety. Suitcase ramp consists of slip resistance surface making it very safe for elders and disabled to use them in any weather condition. Its anti-slip surface provides an incredible grip.

  1. Durability:

Before purchasing anything we always look if the product is durable or not. Suitcase ramps are made of aircraft quality aluminum which gives them extra strength. It is very flexible and non-breakable.

  1. Easily portable:

This ramp is one of the most user-friendly portable suitcases. One can fold it and carry it anywhere just like a suitcase. Also, this is very light weighted.

  1. Self-adjusting bottom transition plate:

Suitcase ramp offers to adjust bottom transition plates, which independently adjust to the ground surface.

  1. Easy to store:

As this ramp can be easily folded it requires very little space to store it. Also, it is very light weighted. One can easily carry and store it.




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