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5 Tips for Paper Boxes Packaging Design & Development

Paper Boxes Packaging Design

The packaging part of any product is very important. It is often the first impression that a brand is giving to shoppers of the product. The material you choose for the boxes is also crucial as it ensures the safety of the product within. Paper boxes are a popular choice due to their strength and versatility.

Tips to design paper boxes

The following are 5 tips for paper packaging design and development:

Research on the consumer base

When figuring out the packaging design and development, you should do your research carefully. You need to know who your consumer base is so that paper boxes wholesale can be designed to attract them towards the product. Find out the age, gender, geographical location, shopping habits of your target audience. If a brand knows what consumers need from packaging, the boxes can be designed catering to this.

If your customers are mostly young ladies and you are selling a chic product, the packaging design for paper boxes can be elegant and sophisticated. Merchandise for kids can have boxes that are bright and colorful. They can include images of popular cartoon characters on them as well.

Keep product safe

A vital part of the packaging is to keep the merchandise safe. If this cannot be achieved, then the packaging has failed. Paper packaging should be gotten in the right strength. It must be able to keep the item safe. The size of the box is important here. Paper boxes wholesale can be made in a custom size. The product may be measured and the right size box created. Size matters because a box that is too large will result in you spending extra on packaging material. The box will be heavier so transportation expenses will be more as well. The product can move around inside and get damaged.

Small packaging can break. This can make the product get exposed to external influences. The shape of the box is important also. You can get a unique shaped box but you need to be careful here. Some shapes make it tough to stack the packaging boxes on a store shelf. These have to be avoided. The shape should not negatively impact the safety of the product inside.

Information on packaging

The details you include on paper boxes are important as well. If you add too much information, it confuses and makes the box look untidy and complicated. Most people will not even consider reading this stuff. You need to find out what to include on the box and add it in a readable and interesting font. The font style must be chosen carefully. The size should also be one that can be easily read. Its color matters and should not get confused with the background color.

According to what you are selling, you should find out what to include on the packaging. If you are selling a food product, state the ingredients, nutritional information, manufacturing, expiry date, quantity, weight, warnings, flavor, how to store, etc.

A skincare product like a moisturizer can tell what skin it is for, its ingredients, when to use by, how to use and store it, warnings, weight, etc. The special points about your merchandise can also be stated on the box. This is what can encourage people to want to try out the product rather than get the competition. For example, if a food item has natural ingredients or those that are good for health, state this. You can give scientific proof for this to make the point more valid and convincing. Do not exaggerate or lie over here.

A moisturizer can be dermatologically-tested. The product may have a certain ingredient that is good for the skin. This must be told to shoppers. When there are any deals and discounts concerning the product, these can also be noted on the packaging. It convinces people to want to get the product as they think there is some benefit in doing so.

Increase brand awareness

Paper packaging can be used to increase brand awareness. This allows a business to get established in its industry and be seen as a professional one. Take advantage of packaging to help you do this. Design a memorable logo that should be printed on the box. The logo will be used by customers to recognize which products are from your business. The contact details of the company can also be included in the packaging.

Create paper boxes that stand out

Paper boxes wholesale should be printed attractively so that they can stand out in front of the competition. Check to see what the competition has done. This will give you ideas of what is trending and what to do to create something unique. Follow trends but make prominent packaging. For example, you can consider the minimalist trend if you are selling products to adults like jewelry, cosmetic items, etc. People can get to know about what you are selling easily by looking at the box.

Add colors carefully on the packaging as well. It is a good idea to have a look at color psychology which will help you choose colors according to what they signify. Images can make the box stand out as well. But choose these carefully so that they do not spoil the packaging design. You can create paper boxes that will attract shoppers to the product. Sales can happen in this way. Focus on making the box strong so that it can handle the pressures being put on it.

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