Almost half of Europe’s football teams are in the hands of strangers

Football attracts investors. According to Cines Sports Intelligence, a total of 36 clubs in 80 European leagues, with the exception of the Bundesliga special ownership rules, have capital support from outside the country.

In addition, the inflow of foreign investors is increasing.

The report specifies that by 2020, the twenty-first or second club owner will be replaced from England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, the Netherlands or Switzerland, and US investors will carry out 11 operations.

The Premier League is the national competition between the major leagues with the largest number of foreign investors, and 80% of the English 스포츠중계 League teams attract foreign partners.

The American capital is too big of an English hero.

There are up to ten clubs in the capital: Liverpool FC (Fenway Group), Manchester United (Glazer), Aston Villa (seen by Wes Eden and Massif Iris), and Crystal Palace (Josh Harris, Steve Parrish and David Blitzer). …, Do (Shari Khan), Arsenal (Konekes), West Ham (David Sullivan, David Gold, Albert Smith), Leeds United (Andrea Radrizzani and San Francisco 49ers), Manchester City (Silver Lakes, Abu Dhabi United Group, Chinese Capital of Media). And CITIC Capital) and Burley (ALK Capital).

Aston Villa, as well as Leeds and Manchester City, have partners from other countries, from Egypt for criminals and from Italy, the United Arab Emirates and China for citizens. Manchester United is listed on the US stock exchange at the same time.

In addition to US investors, British football was attracted

Money from many other countries: Sheffield United (Abdullah bin Mosier) from Saudi Arabia, Leicester (Vita Srivaddhanaprabha) from Thailand, Chelsea (Roman Baranovichi) from Russia, West Bromwich Albion (Goochland Lai) and Wool erhampton (Fusan). . China or Everton, Mohair belonged to Iranian businessman Farr. In the case of LaLiga, the five premier clubs in the capital have foreign funding from various sources. A quarter of Spain’s top football teams are very interested in foreign investors. These are Peter Lima (Singapore) with Valencia, Christian Bragarnic with Elche CF (Argentina), Dom Granada CF (China), Ivan Oder (Israel) with Madrid Athletics and Ronald do Mazarin (Brazil) with Real Valladolid A. is.

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