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Canadian Visa from the Netherlands & Canada Visa for Portuguese Citizens

Canadian Visa from the Netherlands

Dutch residents are required to use for a Canada eTA visa to go into Canada for visits up to ninety days for tourism, business, transit, or scientific purposes. eTA Canada Visa from the Netherlands isn’t always optional, however an obligatory requirement for all Dutch residents traveling to us for brief stays. Before touring Canada, a tourist wishes to make sure that the validity of the passport is at least 3 months beyond the predicted departure date.

The eTA Canada Visa is being carried out on the way to enhance border security. The Canada eTA application became accepted in 2012 and took four years to develop. The eTA application became delivered in 2016 to display screen tourists strolling back from distant places as a reaction to the worldwide growth in terrorist activities.

How can I observe for Canada Visa from the Netherlands?

The Canada Visa for Dutch Citizens contains a web software shape that may be finished in as low as five (5) minutes. It is vital for candidates to go into data on their passport page, non-public details, their touch details, like electronic mail and address, and employment details. Applicants should be in true fitness and ought to now no longer have a crook history.

Canada Visa for Dutch residents may be carried out online on this internet site and may obtain the Canada Visa Online through Email. The system is extraordinarily simplified for the Dutch residents. The most effective requirement is to have an Email Id, and a Credit / Debit card in 1 of the 133 currencies, or Paypal.

After you’ve got paid the fees, the eTA software processing commences. Canada eTA is added through electronic mail. Canada Visa for Dutch residents might be despatched through electronic mail when they have finished the net software shape with the vital data and as soon as the net credit score card charge has been verified. In very uncommon circumstances, if extra documentation is required, the applicant might be touched previous to the approval of Canada eTA.

How to apply for ETA Canada Visa from Portugal

The ETA application is a simple process for Portuguese citizens and involves filling out an online Canadian ETA application form.

The first Canada Visa for Portuguese Citizens to meet the requirements is:

  • An application form that is filled out online and includes personal details such as the traveler’s full name and date of birth, as well as your Portuguese passport number, date of issue, and expiration date.
  • Online payment via credit or debit card is required before the travel authorization approval process can begin.
  • An email address is required to finalize the application and get in touch about eTA approval
  • The online application form will take approximately 30 minutes to complete and will require your name, address and contact details, your date of birth, passport number, date of issue, and expiration date, as well as details about the purpose. The purpose of your trip from Portugal.


Once the online application is submitted, debit or credit card payments are required before accepting the application for processing.

A confirmation email will be sent to the address provided after your visa is approved. Approval can take less than an hour or in some cases up to a maximum of 72 hours.

Nonetheless, Portuguese citizens with urgent eTA requirements to travel to Canada within 24 hours are advised to consider choosing new options for processing their eTA rush. By selecting ‘Emergency Guaranteed Processing in less than 1 hour’ when paying a fee for eTA, applicants are able to guarantee that they will receive a response about eTA status in less than 60 minutes.

The Canadian ETA will be attached to the traveler’s Portuguese passport and read at the border by an electronic immigration machine upon arrival.

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