Different Tailor, Different Fit: Make sure you know how to fit your custom shirt online

Unfortunately, there is no universal standard that applies to shirts your size. Often, the tailor’s interpretation of how a shirt fits will be different from the customer’s interpretation, especially if the tailor is from another country. However, this does not mean that your options are limited to simple trial and error. By researching or asking a tailor how much your size will increase, you can adjust to make sure you get a shirt that meets your expectations. Most tailors take measurements taken from your body or from a fitted shirt.

Differences from the tailor’s interpretation

When you order a bespoke shirt online, the shirt is made by a tailor, usually located somewhere in Asia, and this tailor will have their own way of doing things. Tailors use their discretion and apply different rules to interpret body sizes and size preferences. A “slim fit” shirt made by a tailor may be the same size as a “slim fit” shirt made by a tailor. For example, if a tailor is asked to make a “slim fit” shirt, one tailor can add 2 inches of bust measurement to create a finished shirt, while another tailor can add 4 inches. So, if you want a shirt that fits your size, it is a good idea to search a tailor’s website to find out if they offer information on how much your size will increase.

Differences arising from geographical trends

Depending on the country where you live, you may have different expectations about how a shirt should fit. For example, American consumers wear more loose-fitting than European consumers. It makes a difference when ordering from an international online tailor. Instead of discussing the actual sizes of “slim fit”, “regular fit” and “loose fit”, we should recognize that these terms can be interpreted differently and the dimensional dimension of the matter. It will join. For example, would my tailor add 3 inches or 6 inches to my chest size? (Yes, the tailor makes a big difference).

Another solution Measure a shirt that suits you or send a copy of your favorite shirt

Some online tailors will accept the size taken from a shirt that suits you or send your favorite shirt for a copy. If you buy a custom t-shirt, you may be unhappy with the standard t-shirt you bought, so there is no good t-shirt to copy. However, if you have a favorite 셔츠룸 that fits and you want to copy it, it is a good idea to pick the size of the shirt. Given the shirt dimensions, the tailor’s discretion is useless and will not allow for any inconsistencies. The measurements are followed to simulate a fit. Lastly, if you are sure that your favorite shirt will look good on you, you can send it to us for a copy. There is a limited margin of error in this regard as most Asian tailors are adept at making accurate copies of garments.


All online tailors try their best to provide their customers

With perfectly fitting shirts, but there are many factors that can cause significant discrepancies in size. With a little research and an understanding of how it works, consumers can make a more accurate purchase that will yield the best results – a suitable shirt.

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