How to Choose the Top Boarding Schools in Gurgaon for your Child Using 5 Steps?

Top Boarding Schools in Gurgaon

Top Boarding Schools in Gurgaon


The importance of finding top boarding schools in Gurgaon that shares your beliefs, such as vital academic programmes and character development, cannot be overstated. It is possible to have a smooth process with a bit of planning and research. Here are five steps to guide you through the process of selecting the best boarding school for your child.


Top Boarding school in gurgaon

Step 1: Conduct a Search for Top Boarding Schools


The first step is to look for boarding schools in the area that you are interested in. Do figure out which characteristics are most essential to you in schools in Sohna road Gurgaon – is it class size, ethnic diversity, or academic programming? Decide on these characteristics now. Please take note of your ideas and keep them close at hand when researching colleges. Then make a list of schools that share your beliefs and provide additional possibilities that could assist your child in getting into a top-tier college or university.

Here is a quick list of factors to think about when you select top boarding school in Gurgaon:

The following factors are considered:

  • Academic programs 
  • Reputation 
  • Rankings/reviews
  • Quality, educated faculty
  • Class size
  • Speciality programs
  • Extra-curricular programs
  • Cost

Step 2: Make Contact with Educational Institutions


As soon as you narrow down your list of potential colleges, contact the admissions teams at each of them to ask some basic questions. Make sure to inquire about tuition, housing and board, financial aid, specialist programmes for boarding students, extra-curricular activities such as clubs and sports, among other things. These phone calls will assist you in narrowing down the list of boarding schools to consider attending.

Step 3: Prepare for your Visit


Visits to your top options should be planned in advance. Prepare for your visit by writing down a list of questions that will assist you in comparing different schools. These should be questions that you might not have thought to ask on the phone otherwise.

Consider asking questions such as:  

  • percentage of people who identify as culturally diverse
  • weekend activities and field trips do the school provide
  • relationship between day students and boarding school pupils
  • policy on disciplinary action

The school prepares pupils for independent living by providing them with opportunities. So, what kind of assistance is available?

Step 4: Visit your Shortlist


When you visit schools in Sohna road Gurgaon, you get a true sense of the community and the vibe there. Pay attention to how you feel on campus and how the faculty and staff treat you. More importantly, pay close attention to how your child is feeling at the time. Also, be sure to take your child to the places they are most interested in, such as the athletic facilities or the performing arts centre.

Step 5: Add the Application to your Favourites


  • It is usually a self-explanatory process; nevertheless, don’t forget to apply for financial aid, scholarships, and other forms of assistance.
  • Even though the process might be intimidating, selecting the right boarding school in Gurgaon for your child is well worth the effort and time invested. 

Why GD Goenka World School is Top Boarding School in Gurgaon


Its foray into innovative education began in 1994 to commemorate the memory of the late Smt. Gayatri Devi Goenka, mother of the Chairman, Mr. A. K. Goenka. Starting with barely 23 students in its first year at the first school, the G. D. Goenka Public School in Vasant Kunj, today fosters an enriched educational life for over 2500 students. The school takes pride in having introduced many firsts: the first centrally air-conditioned school offering the most hi-tech gym with Life Fitness equipment (set up in 2000); the first to introduce the air conditioned buses with communication facilities, toilets with sensory taps and Mineral Water Dispensers in Indian schools. With the latest educational aids, equipment and amenities, set up to uphold the highest standards in education, hygiene, safety & security, this model has been replicated in each school owned by or affiliated with the G.D. Goenka Group both in India and internationally.

Over the last 21 years, with over 40 wholly-owned and franchised schools across India and abroad, the G.D. Goenka Group has become a trend-setter in quality education from kindergarten to post-graduate education: the G. D. Goenka Toddler House (an upcoming chain of Kindergarten lefts), over 15 G. D. Goenka Lá Petite Montessori preschools (seamlessly blending the IB method with the spiritual method of the Vedas) and an entire Education City on the Sohna-Gurgaon Road.

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