5 Sociology Websites for Finding Relevant Information

The article highlights the blog sites, where you can gather updated facts and figures related to various sociological aspects, such as gender, environment, society, etc. These include sites like TASA, ReviseSociology, etc.

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In this article, you will get to see various websites, from which you can gather research data. 

You can refer to:

This blog site covers a wide range of topics. Ageing and Sociology, Applied Sociology, Crime and Governance, Critical Disability Studies, are some of the topics that you will get to see on this website. You’ll also learn about Social Stratification, the Environment, Genders and Sexualities, and a whole lot more. Furthermore, the themes are well-organized and categorized, with columns such as Postgraduates, Conferences/Events, and Others.

  • Everyday Sociology Blog  

On this blog site, you will get to see the sociologists’ take on pop culture, everyday life, and news. You can gather facts and figures related to mental health, immigration, inequality, religion, gender, race and other topics. Interestingly, you will get connected with sociologists all across the globe. Hence, you can pick their brain if you need assistance. 

  • ReviseSociology 

This blog site attempts to give a diverse set of materials to aid students in their academic endeavors. You will get access to summary notes for revision, exam hints, recommendations, and mind maps. Plus, there’s more. You will receive essay recommendations as well as notes on social theory and practices. The information offered here will assist you in getting to the bottom of a topic.

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  • Gender & Society 

You should go to this blog site if you want to create a sociology paper about gender-related issues, including income disparity and sexual harassment. You will also learn about societal advancements, flaws, and much more. Gender research in society across transnational and global areas is the emphasis of this peer-reviewed publication. It is also the official publication of Sociologists for Women in Society. 

  • Sociology and Criminology at YSJ 

If you are writing a paper on criminology, you can visit this site. You will get to know about armed criminal groups in history, their motives, identity theft, the social reality of drugs, medicalization and much more. The blogs are listed under different sections, which make browsing easier. There are blogs for undergraduate, postgraduate programs, etc. 

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