Japanese Sports League (NPB): Structure and Rules

Welcome to the world of Nippon Professional Sports (NPB), the world’s second highest quality ball and punch. This should be the first of several articles about an organization that is not so widespread in the Hispanic world (except this page). Today we are too general. Let’s start without adding much more.

 The history of the league dates back to 1934, when the first club

(The Great Tokyo Tokyo Sports Club) 1936-1949 founded and governed by the Japanese Sports League, but the current league was founded in 1950. One can add the interesting fact that the Asian leagues are NPBs. The oldest KBO (Korean Sports Organization) was opened in 1982 and the CPBL (Chinese Professional Sports League) was founded in 1989. The NPB consists of two leagues with 6 teams each.

 On the one hand we have the Central League,

In this competition, the pitcher also hits the Japanese 스포츠중계 league teams. In the Pacific League, on the other hand, they have a chosen batsman, and in this case too far behind the classics and more towards modernity, like the Pacific League television that its sister currently lacks and adds. color that it was the first league to introduce the Play Off system.

The teams will play 143 matches and each team expects to play a total of 25 matches

against teams from the same league, except in 2005. presented a series of competitions, where each team plays 18 times with opponents of the other league, and the most curious who will become the champion of that series, but not. in the final weight is the only team that can proudly say they were the best. Spoiler Warning: Pacific League teams have won this series the most.

  NPB also has a Star Game,

What this link specifically does is not a game, it’s a series. There are currently 2 matches being played and if there are 3 the aim of these two matches, which will take place in different locations in Japan, will be to get as many fans as possible.

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