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Shahjahan Sarwar Almani launches blog series on digital marketing

New digital marketing series is launched

In previous weeks, it was noticed that some freelancers earn more than Rs. 100,000 a month using digital marketing skills. Shahjahan Sarwar Almani launches a weekly blog series on digital marketing, so the Pakistani students and small business owners can pursue huge benefits after learning this skill. To make your dreams come true, it is necessary to adapt according to modern trends.

Time has made this world a globe, often called global village. Using smartphones, laptops, computers, and other gadgets, it’s quite easier to explore, discover, and find out the truth. One of the important factors behind dramatic growth of businesses, is digital marketing. Do you know why people prefer digitally marketing their business rather than applying any other marketing strategy? The reason is, with digital marketing, you gain more customers and sales, without startup of new branches of your business.

Who needs to learn about digital marketing? Simply, anyone can learn it purposely. Students who want to make a handsome amount every month, can learn it. There is nothing like difficulty when you’ve intentions to learn, absorb and have the capacity to do it for clients.

Small business owners with online presence, can excel in the skill, and work on their products visibility on social media platforms and in Google Search. It is difficult to get more bang for some investment in the first month of a business startup. Hence, small business owners should also start marketing their products themselves at first to get some sales. Later on, they can hire digital marketers.

In preceding decades, it was difficult to sell products or render the services, even in the neighboring areas. But, now the audience is very vast using digital media. Among the sub-skills under digital marketing, every one of them engages, promotes, and gets a business’ products sold easily. Digital marketers earn a handsome package a month in the market both nationally and internationally.

There are many opportunities to work in the international market for digital marketers. Many Pakistani students have now become solopreneurs and run their own businesses on the internet. It is an honor for Pakistan as the young generation is trying their best to boost the rank of Pakistan in the international freelance industry.

Freelance digital marketing is a way to promote your monetary conditions during getting an education in schools, colleges, and universities. The simple way to earn a better Return on Investment (ROI) on a small investment is to market your services or products digitally.

Without a proper understanding of online advertising, ads, social media marketing, and other sub-categories of digital media marketing, triumphing is a hard nut to crack both in career and business.

Small business owners- who wish to market their products online without hiring anyone else, can glean the basics of digital marketing, and reach the advanced level with this unique blogging series launched at Shahjahan Sarwar Almani.

Although there are other online sources that pretend to be congenial with your requirements of learning digital marketing, yet there are a lot of unique things in our series that we will be covering.

Students, businessmen, freelancers, journalists, and other professionals can begin their journey with us, without any further delay. This is going to be fun for you, reading our articles.

According to Hubspot, eCommerce sales are estimated to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021. It’s clearer than a crystal that online promotions have a particular significance to reach a large audience.

Ecommerce activities in Pakistan are in its full swing. Recently, Amazon has added Pakistan into the sellers list.

Unemployment, a prolonged problem, is a risk to the fiscal budget and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Pakistan. Young students and freelancers can acquire this skill to combat the irrational problem of unemployment, and take Pakistan to the No.1 on the internet.

Following the tips, tricks, and knowledge in the series of digital marketing blogs on Shahjahan Sarwar Almani, you can prove that Pakistan is not only developing in the infrastructure but also growing in the Information Technology (IT) industry.

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