The Common Cigar Smoking Accessories You need to Know and Buy

If you are new to cigar smoking or a seasoned pro, the use of various cigar smoking accessories can improve your smoking experience considerably. The cigar accessories are carefully developed to enhance the smoking experience of a person. Not only is the entire process of cigar smoking easy, but the quality of a cigar is retained for a long time.

The various cigar accessories each serve a particular purpose and are now available in different types. If you are have recently developed a passion for cigar smoking, then the best cigar smoking accessories you need to know about are

  • Humidors

One accessory essential for all cigar smokers, beginners, or pro is a ‘humidor.’ If you have a collection of cigars, getting a humidor becomes necessary. A high-quality cigar such as a ‘Cuban cigar’ and even regular cigars require optimum humidity levels to retain its quality. If proper temperature and humidity are not maintained, then the cigar may lose its taste and flavor. The cigar can become dry, too wet, and become un-smokable.

The main purpose of the humidor is to regulate the moisture so the cigars do not dry out before you get a chance to light and smoke them. Just like the taste of some wines improve with time; similarly, a cigar may improve its taste with age.

If you have a selection of cigars, then a humidor can help ensure that the cigar retains its specific taste and intensity. Apart from a humidor, you may also have to buy a hygrometer that helps to measure humidity in the humidor. You can buy either analog or digital hygrometers. Experts suggest maintaining at least 70% humidity to ensure that the cigar is kept in the best condition.

  • Cigar Cutters

When it comes to smoking a cigar, the first step you need to do is cut the cap off. The best way is to use a cigar cutter instead of doing it manually. Modern cigar cutters are developed to cut the end correctly. A neat and clean-cut is not possible with a knife or scissors. If the end is not cut properly, then it can ruin the entire cigar smoking experience.

Using a cigar cutter means that the smoke draws out cleanly and smoothly. The common cigar cutters are handy, and you can easily carry them wherever you go. Cigar cutters come in various styles, and some you may need to know

  • V-cutter

The purpose of a V-cutter is to remove the end in a V-shape instead of removing the entire cap. The V-cutters are more suitable for thicker gauge cigars. It looks like a straight cutter but not for average-sized cigars.

  • Guillotine cutter

A straight cutter is also called a ‘guillotine cutter,’ and it is easily available. It is essential to provide a simple and clean-cut that allows drawing smoke easily. A guillotine cutter comes with a double blade and is small enough to carry in a pocket. It would be best if you placed a cigar in the guillotine cutter and then slice the end. This cutter is suitable for average size cigars and not for bigger and thick cigars.

  • Punch cutter

The punch cutter works differently than a guillotine or V-cutter as it punches a hole instead of slicing the end. A small hole is made to draw air from the cigar, but this cutter is not that efficient.

  • Cigar Lighters

Another important accessory for every smoker, whether cigar or cigarette, is a lighter. Gone are the days when a person used a matchstick to light a cigarette. Today, lighters are in the pocket of every smoking aficionado. But as cigar smoking is a luxurious activity, ordinary cigar lighter are no good. The type of lighters you need to consider for lighting a cigar is

  • Jet lighter

Most avid cigar smokers like to carry a ‘jet lighter’ as it is easy to use and provides a strong flame. A jet lighter ensures that the cigar gets an even burn the moment you light it. The flame of a jet lighter also does not blow away with a slight wind.

  • Butane lighter

A butane lighter uses a liquid that needs to be filtered and refined before you light the cigar. The liquid is also odorless and does not impact the flavor of the cigar.

  • Ashtray

An ashtray is another common accessory found near the house. As compared to cigarettes, the ashes of the cigar are thicker, and using an ashtray is a must. The ashtray also serves as a resting place when you want to place the cigar and run an errand. Unlike cigarettes, a cigar can burn for hours, and many people like to place the cigar after getting a few puffs and then picking the cigar again.

  • Travel cases

A cigar aficionado always likes to carry a stylish and luxurious travel case to show the value of the cigar—the common cigar cases in various styles, shapes, and sizes. Most people like to carry small leather pouches when going to a golf course or a field trip. The purpose of the travel case is to hold the cigar, prevent damage to the cigar, and maintain the quality of the cigar. Some of the expensive cigar travel cases are made from leather and feature a cedar wood rack.

  • Cigar boxes

If you have a collection of high-quality cigars and are not traveling, you will need to store the cigar. Today, you have the option of getting luxury wooden and cardboard in various sizes, styles, and shapes.


Cigar smoking is not everyone’s cup of tea, and those who perform this activity want to do it in style. Good cigar smoke is all about enjoying a particular moment to its fullest. If you have to manually pluck the end of the cigar, use a matchstick to light the cigar, and let the ash fall on your clothes, then all the pleasure is gone within a few puffs of smoke.

You need to buy the best cigar accessories to give the full pleasure of cigar smoke. Most of the cigar accessories are affordable and help for optimal preparation of cigars. The purpose is to allow you to get full enjoyment, flavor, and nuances of the cigar smoke.

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