Tips for Safeguarding Your Instagram Account from Scam Artists

Instagram is currently the most known social media handle. What started off as a simple photo-sharing tool has turned into a vital resource for Instagram influencers in a variety of fields. Unfortunately, the amount that Instagram influencers make has drawn the interest of several shady characters. Uk Instagram followers unaware of the platform’s common frauds risk having their accounts hacked and, in the worst-case scenario, their funds were stolen.

Here you go with the advanced techniques to identify a scam account and the tips to remain aware and avoid fake Instagram accounts.

Common Scams on Instagram

  1. Fake Brand Pages

According to Ghost Data analysis, fake brand accounts abound on Instagram, with roughly 20% of all posts on fashion products featuring counterfeit goods and over 50,000 accounts promoting and selling these knock-offs every day. The main goal of these fake accounts is to un-real buy Instagram likes Uk, and followers to give their frauds more credence. So look for the honest seller who sells organic services

  1. Free IG Likes and other services

Influencers might earn a considerable amount by endorsing different brands’ items on their profiles. They can make more money if influencers have more fans. Cybercriminals have jumped on board this brand model, acting as organizations that give cheap fans and like to assist makers in boosting their counts. These figures might look genuine; however, most of them are usually automated profiles created to defraud users.

  1. Fake Investment Scams

After promoting their business, scammers usually approach victims using the platform’s instant chat tool. They’ll suggest that all it takes is a bit initial deposit of a few hundred dollars to start trading on the stock market. They will vanish after payment has been made, with very little likelihood of the money being recovered.

  1. Fake Giveaways

As there are many real giveaways and promotions on Instagram, plenty promise nonexistent rewards. They frequently imitate well-known brands and ask that you like or comment on the content to be eligible to win. The ultimate goal is to gain your personal information or persuade you to follow their Account to give their fraud more legitimacy.

Scam Warning Signs

Following are some signs that help to identify the scammers on Instagram:

  1. A communication from an unknown sender is asking for money.
  2. Someone claiming to be from Instagram security is contacting you and asking for account details or verification.
  3. Messages or postings contain grammatical and spelling errors.
  4. Unverified accounts portray significant corporations or notable individuals.
  5. A suggestion to shift your Instagram chat to a less visible and safe location.
  6. People that give false data about their location.
  7. People or accounts were requesting a prize claim.

How to Prevent Scam Accounts

  1. Make your Account private.

Convert your account to a private one to improve your privacy. It allows you to share images with a small group of people while keeping them concealed from the rest of the world. Only the individuals you genuinely care about will be aware of your activities in this manner.

  1. Block particular followers

You may also prevent particular followers from seeing your postings if one of your Instagram followers Uk gets obnoxious (or worse).

  1. Turn on two-factor authentication.

Are you concerned that someone would impersonate you on Instagram? Turn on authentication, which will give you an authentication code through SMS every time you log in on a new device. To finish logging in, you’ll need to put in the code.

  1. Reject access to third-party apps

Several third-party applications want access to your Instagram data, such as an app that schedules your Instagram posts for you. So, when you agree to give someone access to your data, consider that the more firms that have sensitive information about you, the more probable the information may be exploited or stolen.

  1. Check if the Account is verified.

Check that the Account is confirmed with a blue tick if you’re buying things from what looks to be a many brand account. Suspicions might be provoked if a vendor gives pricey services at fewer prices or utilize unusual payment means.

  1. Disable Activity status

People who follow you on Instagram may see when you were last online on Instagram. Turn off the Activity Status’ in a  ‘Settings’ to secure your privacy. How does a Scammer steal your Private data?

Unlocked mailboxes or abandoned personal documents such as bills, insurance renewals, or health care records provide the fraudster access to your personal information. Accidental data breaches of commercial or government accounts give the fraudster with your personal information.


Thus, many Instagram accounts are fake, and you are prone to fraud. They steal your info and can use it to hack your Account or personally blackmail you. It can be one of those accounts you buy Instagram likes UK and views. So keeping an aware and timely report of these accounts can get you to the safe side.

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