Top reasons to select the best international schools in Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful country well known for its beaches, night lights, wildlife, and nature. After Singapore, Malaysia ranks among the wealthiest countries in Southeast Asia. Apart from being a visitor place, Malaysia has entrenched itself as a conventional study abroad destination. You can have high-quality education in the best International School in Malaysia with comparatively low tuition fees. 

Having high-quality education that helps you reach your dream jobs easily is a priority for every student. The best international schools in Malaysia will give you international exposure. There can be many reasons to select Malaysia as your study destination – diversity in its traditions, cultures, religions, and education. In Malaysia, students cannot have a part-time job while studying. Although, they can work part-time during their vacations legally.

To pursue your education in Malaysia, you need to give IELTS with its minimum requirement of 6.5 bands.

Reasons to select the best international school in Malaysia: 

Selecting a good school is always more important than considering which curriculum your kid will study in that school. Before surveying for curriculum, choosing the best school for your kid as a good school will make a lot of difference in your kid’s education and life in general. Malaysia is a well-developed country in every aspect, and that is why you should google search ‘best international schools in Malaysia‘ to find the top options for your kid. 

Here are some reasons why you should select schools in Malaysia for your child:

▶A branch campus of foreign universities in Malaysia:

There are several branch campuses of foreign universities in Malaysia. If you study in these branches of foreign universities, you will graduate with the same degree as the student in Australia or foreign countries.

▶Living cost of Malaysia:

The living cost of Malaysia is pocket-friendly as compared to other developed countries. You can spend your entire month on 1500 Ringgit to 2000 ringgit. 

▶Malaysia’s cultural diversity:

In Malaysia, you will find people from different parts of the world. You will earn about various cultures and languages that will help you stand out from the local school students.

▶International school’s curriculum:

Some of the best international schools in Malaysia offer various scholarships and a wide range of courses. Many international schools provide Cambridge IGCSE curriculum so that students get a chance to learn creative skills and go into the depth of conceptual understanding.

▶Self-development possibilities:

Studying in Malaysia offers you the possibility to diversify your perspective, experience vibrant traditions, and learn about a new culture. Education in the best international schools in Malaysia offers an opportunity to enhance the mental, physical and social well-being of children.

Why is Cambridge IGCSE Curriculum the best in Malaysia?

Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is a brilliant curriculum that forces children to think beyond their normal thinking capacity. They try to expand children’s minds to have a point of view for everything going around them. Cambridge IGCSE curriculum is an open, diverse, and interesting course that helps a student to do something beyond memorizing. They should go deep into the depth of conceptual understanding. IGCSE has got tremendous recognition and global acceptance because it strikes an amazing balance in the lives of the children between academics, personal life, and social skills, etc. Cambridge IGCSE curriculum allows standing out and thinking about something beyond the scope of work of a child.

What is the admission procedure in the best international schools in Malaysia?

When it comes to the fees of International Schools, it is usually about 10000 Ringgit to 20000 ringgit minimum per year.

◾All the students getting admitted for one year and above are asked to attend the placement test.

◾ Afterwards, the school calls the child and parents for an interview with the principal. The placement of students will be decided by the school authority based on the performance of a child.

◾ If the student qualifies for the test, their parents will receive the letter of acceptance.

More information regarding the admission process is available on the websites of all the international schools in Malaysia.


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