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The Benefits of Embracing the use of video marketing


The Benefits of Embracing the use of video marketing


First, a disclaimer. This article does not contain actionable(BUY FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS UK) information or a list of the best methods for marketing via video.

This article is a discussion of the theoretical side that aims at convincing you that trying to harness the potential. Power of films could be very beneficial for your company.

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Many people, in one form or some way, have their own personal affection for films. It doesn’t matter if it’s a particular passion for films or the memory associated with films that take your mind back to the moment. Location where you first encountered motion pictures.

They have been an integral aspect of our society for more than 100 years. Even the expression “let’s take a trip to the films” is an expression. That is passed down from generation to generation as a treasured family heirloom. That is meant for preserving and kept close to.

Do You Know These Quotes?


This is a quick exercise that demonstrates the timeless quality of movies. Here are seven famous quotations from films released in the past century. The films are all acknowledged in their own right but the aim isn’t to identify. What makes a film famous or to hold contests to see who can identify those quotes.

It’s instead to highlight that many of the quotes are so deeply ingrained in the culture of popular culture that they’re almost immediately recognized.

Here are the quotations:

  • “Here’s watching you “Kid.”
  • “I’m going to offer him an offer that he won’t decline.”
  • “You don’t understand! I could have had the class. I could have been a contender.”
  • “Rosebud.”
  • “I believe it’s the first step to a wonderful friendship.”
  • “Go ahead, and make the most of my morning.”


Most likely, three things took place while you go through every quote. First and possibly the most frequent reaction is that you already know the quote and the film that it comes from. Whether because you’ve seen the movie or received an indirect quote.

The second response is that you are aware of the quote. But aren’t aware of the film It’s also possible that you didn’t even know that the quote was taken from a film (you’d only heard of it previously). Another reaction is that you aren’t able to recognize the quote and aren’t aware that it came from a film.

Googled a few quotes and likely discovered

If you do belong to this third group it’s likely that you’ve Googled a few quotes. Likely discovered a wealth of information about these phrases including discussions of their significance.


YouTube videos and lists of famous quotes, and more. If you’re attentive you may have observed that your search query was automatically completed by Google before you’d not even finished typing it.

The reason is that these quotations (and their messages and themes) are now more important than the films due to the transcendental nature of films and our undeniable love of the films.

Note In the order in which they appear, quotations are taken from Casablanca, Apocalypse Now, The Godfather, On the Waterfront, Citizen Kane, Casablanca (again) and Sudden Impact.

So what do these well-known quotes have to relate to video marketing for business? The answer is simple: people love watching the videos (over the four billion hour of video content are watched each month through YouTube) and they like to reminisce, discuss and revisit their favorite videos.

The purpose of marketing is to make something that is memorable and valuable in hope of spreading the message to interested individuals Why not take advantage of a platform and community that is making exactly this?

In the end, regardless of whether you believe in the excitement of films there are other businesses benefiting from video marketing, and unfortunately, could be taking advantage of your strengths and. Here are a few widely famous examples that show the efficiency and simplicity of videos for marketing that are brief:


Blend Tec Does it Blend? (iPhone)


The video is successful because of a variety of reasons. In the beginning, if you believed that marketing through video was costly, think about the fact that this video could have been made with a camera that was within a kitchen. It doesn’t have to be lavish to succeed.

The second reason to show the blender’s blend prowess by putting it into a powdered iPhone is an amazing idea. It’s a unique approach that has people talking about as well as sharing it.

But more importantly, it showcased how well the product performs. The video highlights the advantages and benefits of the products in an a fun or humorous manner that is the basis of video marketing that works.

You might are familiar with that Old Spice TV and Internet advertisements featuring the appropriately named Old Spice Guy. The ads were fascinating because of a variety of factors and this particular video is one of them because it’s hilarious, bizarre and targeted towards females (though this product was designed intended for males).

The video advertisements themselves were fantastic however, they were designed for television. The social media campaigns that followed these ads (which also became to the top of the charts online Internet) were just as efficient.

Old Spice had the Old Spice Guy respond to tweets by presenting personal YouTube videos, which instantly attracted customers and caught the interest of millions of fans all over the world. Here’s an example of the responses that The Old Spice Guy proposes on behalf of an Twitter user.

Belief in to the Stats and the Historical Evidence


It is evident that people are awed by films. The statistics for YouTube videos are shocking. The results of well-known video marketing campaigns is obvious. Therefore, instead of getting lost and uncertain about where to begin with video marketing.

First decide to take on the task and accept the medium. There are plenty of reasons to consider giving video marketing a shot and, of course, you can start with a small amount. There’s a whole chapter dedicated to video marketing that we’ve recently published digital marketing book!



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