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What To Do When QuickBooks Outlook Email Not Working?

What To Do When QuickBooks Outlook Email Not Working

Assigning, legitimizing, and claiming the invoices, reports, logs, etc., are crucial tasks, and these significant files can be exchanged by emailing from QuickBooks to Outlook. It is a safe and smart option that also helps in maintaining transparency in the business. So not getting these transaction emails sent to Outlook can be painful. This email error can occur due to various reasons and can be cured in different ways like updating QuickBooks, checking your email preferences, installing Tool Hub so on and so forth. Troubleshooting steps and causes of ‘QuickBooks outlook email not working’ will be discussed in the blog at length.

If you are facing unusual errors, or your QuickBooks’ reaction to the given steps is different than expected, then do call QuickBooks Support Service number +1 800-579-9430 for advanced guidance

Counting on the causes of the error

We need to draw your attention towards the causes that lead to the error that pitches in hindrance in sending the emails.

  1. The last QuickBooks update that is running in your system has expired and is in demand of a new update.
  2. QuickBooks needs to be repaired since it has a few damages and a few common errors.
  3. There was some glitch with the installation or program files; maybe it only partially got downloaded.
  4. Some disturbing background files are not letting QuickBooks send emails properly.

Now the causes are mentioned loud and clear, anticipating the troubleshooting will now, comparatively, become easy.

Perform resolving steps- easy and precise

There are so many steps that a user can perform or choose to resolve the error. For example, you can install the latest QuickBooks update, run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool or Quick Fix my Program or configure email settings, etc.

Solution 1: Reconfigure QuickBooks Administrator’s Settings

If QuickBooks is set to “automatically run as an administrator,” you can face difficulty in sending emails. So, you need to edit your admin settings.

  1. Closing the QuickBooks Desktop is the first step user needs to perform.
  2. Now launch the menu called the Windows Start menu.
  3. Into the search box appearing on the screen, type “QuickBooks and right-click on the QuickBooks icon. Then choose the Open file location.
  4. Right-select the QuickBooks.exe file in the folder. Now tap on Properties.
  5. There would be a Compatibility tab; select it.
  6. Uncheck or unselect the Run this program as Administrator option. If the option has become grayish in the shade, then do select Show Settings for All Users.
  7. Confirm the change by hitting on Apply for the final step, then select OK.

Solution 2: Repair Mapi32.dll file

Repairing Mapi32.dll file is one of the most useful technique to resolve QuickBooks outlook email not working.

  1. First of all, terminate the QuickBooks Processes
  2. Next, open the windows explorer application and then go to the C drive system 32 folders
  3. In the System 32 folder Search for the fixmapi.exe file and double click to start repair process
  4. After all, Restart the system and Open the QuickBooks Desktop and send email

To testify, restart QuickBooks and send an email or maybe a transaction. Well done if you succeed. If not, then try updating the application to the freshest version available or install Tool Hub (its latest version).

There was a detailed explanation in the blog about “QuickBooks outlook email not working.” Once you understand the causes and troubleshooting as given, you can get the “Outlook is not responding. Please try starting up Outlook and try again” error eliminated. You will not have to witness it again. If not, you need to immediately get in touch with QuickBooks support team that provides the best solution to the worst of your problems. Use the +1 800-579-9430 attached.

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